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March 8, 2011

Kissaluvs Fitted Review

I always enjoy looking around online to find new stores that carry cloth diapers. When I first heard of EcoMom I kind of just passed it over after going to their home page. Later I ventured there again and did some major looking around. I have to say they carry some pretty neat items, all of them eco friendly and great organic products too! They carry organic food, baby carriers, feeding items, toys, books and much more... including cloth diapers. Right now they only have three different brands of cloth diapers: gDiapers, Baby Beehinds and Kissaluvs. I had the opportunity to review the Kissaluvs fitted diaper. This diaper comes in two sizes: Newborn and Medium/Large. It is made of Organic Cotton and Hemp.
Here is the diaper all closed up.
This diaper has cross over tabs which I love to have on a diaper. The wings are also nice and big to allow for lots of growth. There is only one row of snaps across the waist and I typically like to have two but I didn't find this to be a problem with the fitted.
Here is the diaper opened up to the highest rise setting (large). For this you just leave everything unsnapped.
To set the diaper to the medium rise setting you just simply fold the top of the diaper over, like shown in the picture below, and snap the tabs to it. There are snaps on both sides of the diaper.
The inside of this diaper has and extra insert that snaps into the back. You can keep it in or take it out. I leave it snapped in because I have heavy wetters and its nice to have the extra absorbency. The snap in insert is also longer than the diaper itself. This is nice because you can adjust the extra material to fit where your baby will need it the most. In the picture below I have the insert folded over in the front, this is where you would need the extra material for a boy.
For a girl you can fold the extra material over in the middle, like in the picture below, because that is where a girl is going to need the most absorption.
For some reason I didn't get pictures of this diaper in action! SORRY!

My experience with this diaper:
- When I received this I was excited to try it out. It is fairly trim and not to bulky, but does give a little bit of a bump on the rear.
-Adjusting the rise was easy to figure out and I didn't have any issues with it.
-This fitted does hold a lot of liquid which is a great to have especially if you have super soak-er sons.
-One thing I do not like about this diaper is that its not the softest item. Before I washed it, it was nice and soft but I have found that after many washings that it now kind of feels rough. Kind of like an old bath towel that you always reach for last because it has lost all of its fluffiness. I don't really want to have my boys wearing it because of that reason but I still do use it. When its on them I sometimes might throw in a fleece liner for softness or I will leave it on for a shorter period of time.

**This review is entirely of my own opinion. My experience will differ from yours. I was not paid to do this review. I was send the Organic/Hemp Kissaluvs fitted to use and review from Ecomom**