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October 10, 2011

Ju-Ju Monkey Store Feature

I am excited to share with you a super fun online retailer of cloth diaper...Ju-Ju Monkey!

-When did you start JJM?
July of 2010 is when the store opened for business, online of course :>
-How did you come up with the name? (its cute!)
In Farsi, ju-ju is slang for boobies (My mom is Persian and my dad is American). When my son was born he was permanently latched on, or so it felt, lol. So I used to call him my little Ju-Ju Monkey. No one else knew what it meant, but thought it was cute…..so I decided to call my store Ju-Ju Monkey. What is funny is that I now know a lot of people who use Ju-Ju Monkey and I am not sure how they got it.
-Even though you are web-based and out of your home do you allow (local) families to come over and view your inventory if they are curious about cloth?
I am a web-based store, but I do consultations by appointment in my home. I wish I was a brick and mortar store, but currently that is not feasible. I have a room set-up in my house where people can come look at all the fluff, ask questions and compare products. I love all my cloth diapering families. They are so neat and exciting to talk to.
-What are some stand out products that you sell?
I feel the majority of my products do well since I stand behind every product and test them out myself. If there is something I don’t believe in, it will be the first to go. I am not a good sales person, so for me the product has to sell itself. My favorites are Charlie Banana diapers, Fuzzibunz diapers especially the Perfect Size, Blueberry bamboo fitteds, and iPlay swim diapers. Ohhh and who can forget the luxurious sustainablebabyish wool longies. How I wish I had a pair in my size!

Ju-Ju Monkey also shared some pictures with me of their inventory/stock room. I am so jealous of all the fluffy goodness she has! Its delightful!

She also has the walls painted so incredibly cute! I would probably have just plain boring walls but this is really fun to see with the animals and such all over.

From looking at these pictures you can tell she has quite a selection of great products to choose from.I love how organized everything is as well.
Sara from Ju-Ju Monkey was kind enough to send me a Blueberry fitted diaper to review. Now I have seen these around and was curious about them. I am always kind of leery about trying out new diapers with out seeing them in person. I am always afraid they are going to be all hard and scratchy or something but I can promise you this...you will not be disappointed in this fitted diaper. Just after I opened it I was talking online to Terra (another CDA contributor) and I told her it was so soft I could use it as my pillow because well it is really that soft!

The elephant print is super cute to. So this diaper features a three snap rise on the front as well as a double row of waist snaps. This is a OS fitted diaper. Here in the picture below you can see that it is opened all the way.
Here in the picture below it is set to the smallest rise setting.Here is the diaper opened up. It has a snap in soaker.

The soaker has two flaps on it that help to ensure fast drying time. You can remove the soaker before washing or keep it hooked together.
There are two snaps that are used to keep the soaker hooked onto the outer part of the diaper. The soaker snaps into the front of the diaper.
Here is the diaper opened up and showing the cute print side.The diaper set to the smallest rise setting
And a picture from the top shows the elastic across the back of the diaper.
I have the diaper set on the middle rise setting for my 25 pound son. We also have the waist snaps in the middle.
This is actually quite thin for a fitted diaper. I have some that are super bulky but this isn't bad at all.
You have to have a bum shot!
And here is my little cheezer for you all to see. He was enjoying playing nakey in his diaper.
So far I really enjoy this fitted diaper. It is very soft and washed up really well. I have found that it kind of wads up in the dryer and so it doesn't dry up and I end up hanging it to dry the rest of the way. I also have noticed that when its wet it does get stiff, which makes it easy to tell if the baby is wet and needs to be changed but I know some materials stay softer even if they are wet but this doesn't. But that doesn't really affect how much I really like this fitted. Its so cute and they have a lot of great prints as well.



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thanks for the giveaway!

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I like the looks of that. It reminds me of the Grovia AIO I have. By the way, have you considered having your links be set to 'open in new window'? That would make it much easier.

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@Boise - if you right click on the links instead, the option for "Open Link in New Window" should pop up - you're right - it's so much easier that way! Thanks!

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