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October 5, 2011

All about Terra!

What makes up our family? I have an amazing husband of 6.5 years, Zach, who pretty much makes my world go 'round! Together, we have 3 boys. Keaton is 4.5 years, Benjamin is 3 years and Caedmon is 1 year.(Image courtesy of Kristin Boness Photography)

Prior to "us", I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University (Go Big Blue!) in December 2004 with a B.S. in University Studies (ie: I went to college for 4.5 years and took whatever I wanted, hehe). Zach and I got married in June 2005 in Roanoke, VA and promptly moved to the Raleigh area of North Carolina that December. We started Seminary (I 'dropped out' the semester before our first born was due) and he's still plugging along working towards his M.Div., taking classes and working full-time. I stay at home with our boys, help with marketing for a local non-profit and am working towards my certification as a birth doula.

Before Keaton was born, I said that I would "never" (yes, NEVER) cloth diaper. I was all about being kind to our earth, but it stopped at dumping and swishing poopy diapers. When Keaton was about 6 months old, I told Zach (who had been gently pushing for cloth diapering since before Keaton was born) that if we "ever" had two in diapers, I'd "consider" cloth diapers. Two months later, I was eating my words as I held a positive pregnancy test ;)

We began cloth diapering at the end of December of 2007, when Keaton was about 9 months old, with a couple of Pocket Change pocket diapers and a handful of BumGenius 4.0's. I was washing every single day, but loving that I wasn't having to spend money on disposables. I quickly built up my stash (addiction, ahem) with pockets and AIO's (all-in-one's).(Keaton at about 15 months in a Nana's Bottoms AIO. Sadly, I could not find any pictures of him showing off cloth earlier than this! WHAT was I thinking?!)

I tried hard to potty train Keaton before our 2nd child was born, but he wasn't having it, so I quickly added more diapers to our stash so we could manage two in cloth.

When Benjamin was born in August of 2008, I ventured a bit more in the cloth diaper world trying out fitteds and PUL covers. We also finally made the switch to cloth wipes when he was about 4 months old. (Seriously. If you're on the fence about cloth wipes, just do it!!) :-D(Benjamin at 4 days old sporting an XS Thirsties AIO. Squish. Why can't they stay that little forever?!)

When Caedmon was born in August 2010, I really went "all out" - trying out prefolds, wool and fleece. During this time, I really fell in love with the 'simplicity' of prefolds and covers. Hubby didn't quite fall as in love, so we keep a variety of diapers on hand, at all times, to satisfy whoever happens to be changing..and because I love all the different systems that go along with cloth diapering!(Caedmon at 1 week showing off his Nifty Nappy OS Fitted.)

Having cloth diapered for almost 4 years now, I feel like I've learned so much, but I hope that I can continue to learn and educate those around me about the benefits of cloth diapering! I can't wait to share some of my favorite diapers with you in a few weeks, but for now, I will leave you with a few other tidbits about me:
  • I love to cook and bake (and eat!)
  • I have the world's worst sweet tooth!
  • Since cloth diapering, I've really made it a focus to green up our home/lives in regards to the products we use and bring into our home (we have SO far to go!)
  • I'm also addicted to birthy things, breastfeeding and baby-wearing. I have a dream to open up a store carrying diapers, carriers, have an in-house lactation consultant and space for me to hold birth education classes and meet with doula clients...one day!! :)
  • If I hadn't met my husband, I'm almost certain that I would have stayed in Tennessee (eventually further west) and become a storm chaser
  • I've learned never to say never ;)