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October 26, 2011

Milkin' Cookies - Review

I feel very blessed that I am still able to nurse my 14 month old. With my older two boys, my milk had completely dried up by 9 months (and with my 2nd, he wanted nothing to do with nursing no matter what remedies I tried to get my supply back up to par). I feel like my supply is fairly adequate for where it needs to be, but I definitely notice a drop in supply around that time of the month. It's the only time I strain to hear my little guy actually swallowing milk, it's the only time he gets angry because there isn't enough milk to satisfy him and it's the only time I never feel full enough. Since this only lasts 1-2 days (and he eats whatever we eat), I don't stress too much over it, but I was thrilled when I came across Milkin' Cookies, and even more thrilled at the opportunity to try out just how well they work.The mailman's expression was indeed priceless, hehe!

A little back ground information first. Milkin' Cookies was started by the Mommy Doctors - two physicians who wanted to keep nursing while they worked full-time and needed a little help maintaining their milk supply. The cookies do not include Fenugreek, a well known milk booster, but do contain many food galactogogues (galactogogues are known to increase milk supply) including oatmeal, nutritional yeast, flax seed and wheat germ.All nutritional information is inside of each box of Milkin' Cookies.The cookies come carefully packed...
...and individually wrapped!

So, the cookies. I was interested in the size of the cookies - how big, how thick they would be, especially since they mention that most moms notice a difference after one cookie. As you can see, these cookies do not disappoint! This was enough to tickle my sweet tooth (and I was good and kept my portions to one cookie (per visit to the box where they were well hidden from my kids...and husband! - And YES! Anyone can eat these cookies! They are safe for everyone! Please be mindful of food allergies!)

The taste? Oh the sweet taste!!!! These cookies are delicious! They are not overly sweet, but just enough to make them enjoyable! (If you're wondering about calories and all, each cookie has about 190 calories and 10 grams of fat, they also contain about 3 grams of fiber each as well). I was sent samples of the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies as well as the Cranberry Almond Oatmeal. I'm not a huge cranberry fan, but out of the two, this one ended up being my favorite (if I had to pick). It's just not a taste I go for very often, but it was very good (but trust me, the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip did NOT disappoint!!)So, you know the story, you know about the taste, how well did it work? Amazingly well. I received the cookies RIGHT at that time of the month. And within a day, a day where my brute should have been punching me throughout our attempted nursing session, there was free flowing milk. I just sat in awe! I had high hopes for these cookies, but they seriously went above and beyond my expectations. Whenever I'm feeling 'just not quite full enough', and Caedmon is acting like the supply is low, I grab a cookie and within a day we're back to normal.

If you are interested in purchasing some Milkin' Cookies for yourself or a friend, you can easily do so right here. Cookies come in three supply sizes - a 14-day supply (for $20.99), a 30-day supply (for $44.99) and a 3-month subscription (for $119.99). The cookies are baked in small batches and individually wrapped. Due to the fact that no perservatives are used, if you do not plan on eating the cookies within two weeks, it is ideal to freeze them until ready to use (er, um, eat!)...if they last that long... :)

You can also find Milkin' Cookies on the following social media outlets:
Milkin' Cookies on Facebook
Milkin' Cookies on Twitter

Disclaimer: I received a 6-pack of Milkin' Cookies free for review. All opinions are truthful and my own. You may have a different experience.


Love{&}Bugs said...

LOL well I didn't get to fill out the last question because my little nursling reached over and hit enter and submitted it for me. Oh well!
Thanks for the opportunity. I love the name Milkin Cookies, so cute!

Unknown said...

LOL!! Love it when they help out ;)