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October 6, 2011

All About Jen

Hi! My name is Jen and I am so excited to begin this experience and journey with Cloth Diaper Addiction. Kristina is my sister and has gotten me literally "addicted" to cloth diapering. Let me tell you a little about myself, my family and my cloth diapering beginning.

I have been married to my husband, Ben, for almost 6 years. (Yes, we get the Bennifer jokes frequently) We have been blessed with three beautiful children. I am a stay at home mom as of 8 months ago. I love it! We are so proud to be able to do that.

I met Ben through my brother. They were good buddies and we all would hang out together. Typical cliche' senario but that makes it all the more fun to tell people! Ben is an amazing father who jumps right in to help with the kids, plays with them and takes pride in the fact that he is the one who puts our oldest two to bed each night. I love that he is very hands on. It took a lot of convincing for me to get him to try out cloth diapers though! (more about that later)

I love to bake cupcakes and decorate them really cute! One of my favorite things to do with my kids is bake. They love to help! I also love to read. I wish I had more time! I am currently reading a lot of different vampire stories...I know I know... I also enjoy scrapbooking and just recently started making hair bows for our daughters. I am a neat freak!

Our oldest daughter is Nyla. She is 4 years old and just started preschool this year. She loves making crafts and enjoys playing house or dress up. Her greatest love is Beanie Babies. She has A LOT! She has also been making good use of our stash for her baby doll too!

Our middle child is our son, Lincoln. He wakes up in the morning at 60 mph and doesn't stop until he hits the pillow for bed. He is a climber with absolutely no fear which makes me have ten times the amount of fear for him! He is mischievious with that sneaky little grin that is so hard to get angry with!

Our youngest, Kynlie, was born in February and is my first in cloth. She is such a happy content baby who is adored by her big sister and brother. She loves anything silky and loves to cuddle. She just recently discovered that she also loves rattles! After I had her, I did a lot of thinking about whether or not I would return to work. We figured things out and I was able to put in my notice at my job that I had worked at for almost 7 years. It was a hard decision to make but I have no regrets!

We decided to dip our toes into the cloth diapering waters when Lincoln was just over a year old. I bought some prefolds, two covers and two bum genius 3.0s. I knew right away I did not like prefolds although now I have some more and I am going to try them again with Kynlie. Cloth did not work out for us at that point. I just couldn't do it. I did use the BGs for night times with Lincoln but it was kind of pointless to wash just two diapers.

When Kynlie was born I thought about the cost of having two in diapers and started to research a little more. I found some really cute prints and styles that I thought I liked. When Kynlie was almost three months old, Kristina let me borrow a small portion of her 100+ stash to determine what I really liked. I went to our local cloth diaper store, Ecobuns and made my first girly diaper purchase. Three Tot Bots in Very Cherry, Mushrooms and Flower Power. They are still my favorites now!

I decided to jump in full force and sold all of the disposable diapers that I had. I was able to use Kristina's diapers until I got a decent stash. It sounds crazy but I love to cloth diaper! I love to hang them out on the line and I love to show people Kynlie's cute little bum! Lincoln is in Pull Ups for right now as we are potty training but I dispise them. I would love to hear what you use for cloth trainers!

I hope you now feel like you are getting to know me and want to learn more about my journey with cloth diapering! I look forward to hearing about your trials and successes as well!


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