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October 17, 2011

Ecobuns Store Feature

I would like to welcome everyone to my own home town cloth diapering store, ECOBUNS! Ecobuns was started about 2 1/2 years ago out of a lady's home. Last year she moved out of her home into a store front. She quickly was starting to grow out of her store front and was also looking at selling out of the business for personal reasons. Then enters Candis, the new owner of Ecobuns. Candis and her husband have 3 daughters and also own a local bakery. Candis and her family purchased Ecobuns and moved to a new location that was much larger and would house their store just perfectly. I love having the opportunity to have a local CD store to go to and visit. I am a big time fan of seeing and feeling before buying a diaper. The pictures online at the manufactures sites never to a diaper justice and its hard to tell if its something you would want to use or not. Anyways...Welcome to:
The Ecobuns Store Front
The store front is located in our towns outlet center. When you first step into the store you see this.

To the right is a section for baby wearing as well as wet bags.To the left is the 'check out' area of the store as well as a rack of other misc items.

Here is a rack I always check out while at Ecobuns. Their cloth wipes. These are by far my favorite wipes and they are only 1.50 each.

Just past the wall when you come into the store you find this beautiful sight. Shelves full of cloth diapers.

On this wall there is a wire clothes line that has wool items and nursing covers hanging on it. I think this is a cute little touch to the store. There is also a side room (right side of the picture) where CD classes take place. This is also a handy dandy play room for your kiddos when you stop in to the store.
I love the large shelved just packed with tons of fluffy goodness.

Some more racks of diapers.

Like I have been saying, having a cloth diaper store local to me is so awesome. I would honestly say I probably wouldn't be cloth diapering if it wasn't for Ecobuns. They allowed me to come to their home to look at their products and what I thought was going to work for me. If you have a local store that you enjoy feel free to share in the comment below.