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October 19, 2011

The Green Baby Store and Tweedle Bugs Review

I love perusing cloth diaper shops online - it seems that they all have a little something different to offer. The Green Baby Store is no different! Browsing the site, you can find a wide variety of cloth diapers, accessories and eco-friendly items. One thing I love is that all their cloth diaper brands are along the left sidebar, in alphabetical order - so easy to find what you are looking for!

As I was looking through their site, I saw something amazing - the Cloth Cooperative. To summarize, if you are in need of cloth diapers (I'm not talkin' just to feed any addiction you may have) you can apply to receive help in obtaining them. If you donate through The Green Baby Store, you can receive a discount code that is good towards many items in the store! If you are interested in participating in this, be sure to contact The Green Baby Store!

The Green Baby Store also offers a baby registry with great perks, as well as gift cards! Also, if you are expecting a new baby and unsure of what you would like to use, you can try out some diapers through the Newborn Diaper Rental Kit, which is free to customers who have spent at least $275 on diapers at The Green Baby Store.

Melissa wanted me to make our readers aware of the fact that she has the new BumGenius colors (Mirror, Sassy and Dazzle) in the 4.0s and Elementals. The Green Baby Store will be offering a preorder on the Flip Trainers and BumGenius Freetime AIO soon! She also commented that the Anamalz Wooden Animals are in stock and a great idea for the holidays! You'll want to pay attention to The Green Baby Store Facebook page for details on great Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!For review, I received a Tweedle Bugs One-Size (OS) Pocket Diaper in Light Blue (but, if light blue isn't your color, don't worry, there are a slew of color choices available, the ones below are only a small sampling!)There were quite a few things that stood out to me about the Tweedle Bugs from the product description -
  • With an opening in the front and the rear of this amazing diaper, the inserts are easy to install and remove. This is SO true! The openings are a generous size and I've also found out (the easy way) that the inserts come out on their own in the wash! Double bonus!
  • The inner layer is a stain resistant polyester micro-fleece. This has been awesome. Our little guy fought a tummy bug one night and I had to wait days for a decently sunny, dry day to sun our diapers...except for this one! Even though it should have stained like the others, it came out of the wash looking brand new!
  • The three-row snap down system allows the rise of this diaper to be adjusted incrementally from newborn, crawler to toddler. While I've only had the opportunity to try this out on my toddler, I can see it fitting like a dream on a newborn as well.
A note about the one-size-ness of this diaper: Most of our OS diapers are already on the highest setting for our 25lb., 14 month old. I am able to have the Tweedle Bugs on the second setting - we have a lot of growing room for this diaper!The Tweedle Bugs comes with two microfiber inserts to adjust the absorbency. In speaking with Melissa, I told her this diaper has become our "Sunday Morning Diaper." Caedmon usually gets a change around 8am and soon after, we are off to church. After church, he usually falls asleep in the car or is thisclose to sleep and so I take him in the house and put him straight down for a nap. With both inserts in place, this is one of the few diapers I can count on to get us through this long morning without thinking (or worrying) about any leaks! I also braved this diaper one night (again, with both inserts) for all night use and it worked perfectly!
The Tweedle Bugs stuffed with both inserts, ready to head to church!

Here is the diaper on our little dude, with both inserts. It is a tad bulky in the behind, but I'm not bothered by a little fluff in the rump ;) Especially when it works as well as this diaper does!The Tweedle Bugs retails for $12.95 - a great price for a OS pocket with 2 inserts!If you are interested in trying out a Tweedle Bugs, you're in luck! Melissa has offered a discount code of 10% (simply use code CDADDICTION). This code is good through 12/15/11.You can find The Green Baby Store on Facebook!

Disclaimer: I received a Tweedle Bugs OS Pocket Diaper for review at a discounted price. This is my honest review of this diaper. All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience.


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