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October 27, 2011

Hopscotch Store Review

A mommy owned business in Grand Rapids MI.

Kristina and I decided to visit Hopscotch, a local eco-friendly store to check them out and their selection of cloth diapers. While I say local, I must admit this was the first time we had been there. We do live about a half hour away and between the two of us, have 5 kids under the age of 4. It was unlikely it would be a successful trip to bring all of them.

When we arrived we were shocked with delight! The store was amazing and so bright! We met with Rachel, one of the stores owners. She started to show us around the store and was very knowledgeable about everything that they carried. She was a lot of fun and very helpful.

Here are a few pictures from the store and what we saw/experienced. If you are close, I highly suggest checking them out or at least visiting their website!


When you first walk in, there is a shelf full of train letters...every boys dream. My son sat here for a long time looking at them. They even had a little track with some piece on it for testing.

The store is so full of color and brightness. The front windows lighten up the place just right and casts a glow on everything. This picture is showing a small section of the toys. They carried a lot of wooden toys, all of which were super cute.

Some of the clothing they carry... organic, locally made, made in the USA and adorable!
The shelf on the left side of the picture has the training underpants.

Organic baby toys

Books! (Most of the books carried are by Michigan authors or about Michigan-which is awesome!) They also carry other books that are inspiring, educational or just plain cute!
Toward the right side of the pic, there are crafty things (a must have for my 4 year old.)

MORE Toys!

I couldn't even imagine all of the different types of feeding supplies until I saw these shelves filled with all sorts of wonderful goodness. There were so many different types of things, I didn't even know where to look first! So many colors too!

Another shelf full...
The majority of the store was full of eco-friendly products or locally made/produced or eco conscious manufactures from the USA .

This was one of my favorite things about the store. They had "how to" papers posted by the cloth diapers for everyone to take. These would be great for the newbie learning to cloth or even the "seasoned" cloth vets. I read a few while I was there and even learned a few things!

Another FAVORITE!!! I must admit my sister and I were digging through this for quite some time. It isn't often that you can find used cloth diapers in an actual store so we were stoked! I was even able to find some to use for training pants on my son.

Here is the main section of cloth diapers (looks like kinda slim pickin's-doesn't it?) Well, that is because 1. The store is AWESOME and extremely helpful (which makes you want to buy more) and 2. They are getting ready for the new ones to come in. That means new prints, designs and more! Hopscotch carries all of my personal favorites: BGs, Tots Bots Easy Fits, Bummis, Flip system, MotherEase, Tiny Tush, Fuzzibuns and many more. They have a large assortment to choose from including some local WAHM made ones.

Baby wearer? Yes? You'll love the selection here! Not yet? You'll love the selection here! lol They carry a LOT of different types of slings, wraps and carriers and even have some to try out! They also have some baby dolls for you to try out diapers if you are still new to cloth.

My angry little bird! He was mad because Mommy took his picture! This is the play area for your little ones to play in while you shop. It is full of all the fun things that they carry in the store! It is tucked in the back of the store so no escapees out the front (like my son would do) while you are distracted by all of the glorious cloth and goodies filling the shelves!

Some other FUN FACTS about Hopscotch:

Hopscotch is run/owned by sisters Rachel and Chris.

They have free activities for families every Monday that include visits from local authors and musicians, crafts, story time and games.

They have a 30 day promise that you will become a successful cloth diaper Mommy or you can return your diapers for store credit or exchange them for a different brand. (see website for details/rules)

You can create a registry!


Hopscotch also gave me some MotherEase diapers to try out. Review coming soon!


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