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January 3, 2013

Smart Bottoms - Smart One 3.0 Review

I feel like I've been very lucky in my review diapers lately in that they all make me say, "Wow, I LOVE this diaper!" The Smart One 3.0 from Smart Bottoms is no exception.

I wish I could explain the way the outer layer feels - not cheap like some PUL diapers, but a good solid, "I will contain all messes" feeling. And the prints and colors...awesome! The print I received, Little Boy Blue, is so fun - I love the big polka dots (my 2 year old calls it the "blue bubble" diaper) :)

One of my favorite things about the Smart One 3.0 is the back elastic...nothing is escaping that! Even better - no red marks left on my sweet baby's skin!

Ok, maybe this is my favorite feature...look how trim! It's crazy.

The amount of snaps and sizing options available on the Smart One 3.0 is great! The diaper claims to fit from 8-35lbs. My 2 year old is about 33lbs (and WAS showing signs of being ready to potty train...until we broke out the potty training materials). While he still has a lot of waist room left, I feel that he is definitely reaching the max of this diaper - so the sizing is pretty accurate.

But, with 4 rise snap rows, the Smart One 3.0 can get super tiny!

The Organic Cotton inner is delish. SO soft. And dries incredibly fast.
The insert is free to dry away from the diaper, while attached at the back of the diaper. You fold up the attached insert to provide the maximum absorbency where it is needed.
What'd I tell ya?? Trim!!!  And look how snug at the back - love it!
This was the best I could do for a frontal shot - my little guy had ants in his pants ;) But you can see what I mean about the waist snaps, there are 8 per row, and only 1 on the top row is visible - skinny waist! Definitely room to grow there.

I also love the 'further back' snap (not the technical term, I'm sure!) to help prevent wing droop. Love. Love. Love.
I just had to include this pic because every time I said, "I need to see your bottom" he'd start shaking his heiny and patting his bottom...wow. Full of himself.
My husband doesn't make too many comments about our diapers unless I straight up ask his opinion. With the Smart One 3.0, he has commented numerous times that he likes the feel, fit, and the 'solidness' of this diaper (so he shouldn't get too upset when I ask for more, right?! haha) :)

We have definitely been more than thrilled with all aspects of this diaper.  My only complaint is that it was a little hard to get, what I felt, a 'perfect' snug fit across the front. But, even with that being said, the Smart One 3.0 has never let us down - all messes, liquid, or otherwise, have all been contained. We would happily recommend this diaper to anyone looking for a trim, OS, AIO with natural fibers. 

Be sure to fan Smart Bottoms on Facebook and follow on Twitter to keep up with new products, sales and giveaways!

Disclaimer: I received for review one Smart One 3.0. All opinions are honest and my own.


Sarah Hayes said...

IM so glad to see that youve reviewed this diaper bc I just bought several of them and wasnt able to find many reviews on them. You are right about how it feels and looks. They are high quailty diapers and I got my from their seconds sale so they were totally inexpensive. I love that they are organic and made in the USA. Those were the biggest sellers for me. At first I had a problem with leaking but I think thats going to work itself out the more I wash them. I talked to a lady from Smart Bottoms and she was incredibly helpful and even called me at home to help me with the problem. Thanks for the review! Im glad more and more word about this diaper is getting out!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your experience, Sarah! The folks at Smart Bottoms are truly amazing, and their products are too! I've never had a bad experience.

Unknown said...

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