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April 18, 2013

Wunder Unders

We quite often get asked about the best night time options when it comes to cloth diapering and potty training. There are several really good options for diapering at night but there aren't as many for trainers. When I came across Wunder Unders, I was immediately impressed with the look of them and her descriptions on her page. She was very detailed and explained everything very well. Not only does she offer a variety of colors and prints, but she offers a custom fit to your child's needs. There are so many choices and options to choose from it becomes overwhelming in a good way...because you don't often see that with any trainers out there. This is by far the best night time trainer that I have personally tried out on my kids. 

I was sent an AIO pocket style pull up trainer. When my son saw it, he immediately fell in love with it. He got to pick out his blue flame print when we were in the beginning process of creating our trainer. We were also sent these super soft inserts as well.

Lincoln is almost four but still has night time accidents. I have heard a lot of Moms have this issue with their kids. The main complaint is that there isn't anything that works in the cloth world for night time accidents for bigger kids. I always tell them to check out Wunder Unders.

Danielle is the "Wunder Woman" behind these amazing trainers. She is awesome to work with and really takes pride in her work. She is great at figuring out what you want or need, sometimes even before you do! She has been working on trainers for a while now and can guide you through finding what size, absorption and style that you child may need. 

This is a pic of the back inner-cute tag and an opening for stuffing if needed.

There are a few different choices that you'll have to decide on once you get going. Here is the link to get started with a custom trainer. (There may be different pricing depending on the choice you make but it is all very clearly displayed) You'll need to decide if you want a pocket style, hybrid, or an AIO. The AIO has a soaker sewn in the wetzone for day time accidents but it also has a pocket opening to add inserts for night time. We went with the AIO. On nights my son didn't have a lot to drink, we didn't need to add any extra boosters and we didn't have any leaking.

Here is  pic of the front inner. There is a small opening in the front and you can see the sewn in insert as well. This helps with daytime accidents.

After you decide the style, you get to pick the fun colors, prints and if you want minky! Here is a link to her options. You get to pick everything even down to the color of the elastic. If you aren't sure which will match a certain print, Danielle does a great job helping you piece things together. After color choices are made, you have the option to have snaps added at the waist for easy removal. These will work great if you have a beginning potty learner in case of a poo accident. We went with no snaps to create a more underwear feel. You also get to choose which type of inner material you want.

 You can choose from stay dry, feel wet or swim diapers. We went with stay dry for ours because Lincoln has such sensitive skin and has woken up from rashes from other trainers that do not have the stay dry. The feels wet material is great for your little one during the day to help them realize when they went. 

We had very minor pilly around the edges of the trainer but they were easily picked off and were not an issue.

Once you have everything picked out, she can help you with getting measurements if you aren't sure how. Overall her prices are great and she has a really good turn around time for getting them to you. We absolutely love our trainer and fully intend to get more. 

We had a great fit on Lincoln. The trainers are really thin yet really absorbent. He calls them his night time undies and from using them for about two months now, he has actually started having less accidents at night.

These pics were taken without the extra inserts added so it looks a little saggy in the butt but there was a great fit. The legs were not too snug and the waist band was perfect for him.

We love our Wunder Unders trainer. This is by far the best trainer I have tried for overnight. 

You can get your own Wunder Unders from Danielle for about $17 average. It could be more or less depending on which type of style you get and if you get prints etc. That is such a great deal! 
Here is the link to order from: NEW ORDER

Danielle is also super amazing for offering a OS Pocket trainer with accident insert to a lucky reader!! Just enter the rafflecopter form below. Make sure you follow the directions for the blog post comment. 
Giveaway ends April 25th at midnight. 
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Raquel said...

I love the Real Tree PUL and would like side snaps!

Beth said...

I like the Dino Dudes and would like side snaps.

Geri Fink said...

I love the space robots with red and side snaps.

Gina said...

I like the chevrons with no snaps

Anonymous said...

i like the primary colored ooga booga pocket trainer with no side snaps.
rachel verstraete
e841r at yahoo dot com

Rachel D said...

Dino Dudes with no snaps for my 4 yr old.

Sabrina B Radke said...

I like the snap option for sure and I think my favorite print is blue farm, so many cute ones honestly!!

aperry said...

No snaps dino dudes

Tarah said...

I love mixing the solid colors. I like her AIO with snaps.

Charlotte said...

Bicycles! Dragons! Elephants!! You want me to choose one????

I'd go without snaps!

Kempmom3 said...

I already have so many trainers, swim dipes, & diaper covers ... So hard to pick a fave. I think out of what I have is my grey chevron with yellow and my next will be the brown houndstooth with blue accents and side snaps (and a cover with pink accents for my daughter to match). Her ruffles are by far my fave of all WAHMs I have gotten. :)

Breanna Rodriguez said...

My little guy is going through a major dino phase right now, so I'd have to go with dino dudes with side snaps. He isn't potty training yet, but we plan to over the summer.

Kiyomi said...

I love the dino dudes print with side snaps

Carrie C said...

I really like the print Green Grid!

Carrie C said...

I would also choose the side snaps!

Lois said...

I like the dino camo print. I'd probably pair it with spice orange side panels. I definitely would think snaps are a must at my son's age. JIC

Charis's Mum said...

I'd choose bikes with side snaps.
Sarah Jane Mc.

Tee said...

I actually really love this flames pattern pictured here!

Lynette said...

I like the monsters print. I also like the flames but I didn't see those in her shop. But yeah! My kiddo would love the monsters!

Boise Wiebers said...

I own a few Wunder Unders. I'm not sure which print I would get. I might see if one of my nephews wants a trainer. I like the hybrid with snaps on both sides in front. The snaps are great in case of a poopy accident. I also love the different inserts she offers!

Anna Cooper said...

The dinosaurs, my son would love that. I would get no snaps since we would use it for bedtime and nap time.

Jena said...

I love the tie dye & would opt for no snaps, as I think snaps would confuse my daughter. After all, her diapers snap, and I keep telling her once she starts using the potty, no more diapers.

Lovely Mrs. Long said...

I love the inserts! I would like the no snaps, like real undies!

That Bald Chick said...

Elephants or Tie Die, and with snaps.

mckmnm said...

cheveron no snaps

Love{&}Bugs said...

There are a lot of cute prints but I have a thing for ooga booga. The "Crayon Box Ooga Booga" print is prob my favorite. I'd pick without snaps, I think.

selenke said...

I love the tie die prints and the cars!

judi said...

white butterflies with snaps

lockwk17 said...

I like the Indigo Camo with no snaps.

Nikki cunningham said...

I like the First Spring print with no side snaps.

Aimee said...

I like the camo pul print and snaps

Rachel Benedict said...

Anything with cheron print always draws my interest

DianaSironi said...

really like the monkey printed one. have a lot of snaps, would go for velcro!!

Keara B. said...

Love the Galaxy print! I'd really like these with size snaps.

Kelly Rae said...

sweet pea with snaps

Actually Kristen said...

dino dudes with side snaps

Tannis said...

I like retro transport (brown and green), no snaps.

Vicki Hall said...

I would choose the dino one with side snaps

Erika Harford said...

Dino Dino Dino :) And I'm a snap fan.

Lianne said...

I love the custom seen here with snaps: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=480141615392125&set=pb.190283621044594.-2207520000.1366580434.&type=3&theater

Anonymous said...

Snaps on the sides would be great :)

Kelly Urban said...

Chevron with no snaps.

Jessica said...

I would get the pink chevron with aqua elastic and snaps
jjak2003 at gmail dot com

April M said...

I'd like the one size snap diaper in black/white checkerboard similar to this https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=474112719328348&set=pb.190283621044594.-2207520000.1366594152.&type=3&theater

virginiabelle2000 said...

I like the blue farm with no snaps! Cute prints!

Amanda K said...

calipso blue, with no snaps!

Michelle Lee said...

I'd get the Cars Going Round print with side snaps.

Melanie LaFleche said...

I like Dino Dudes with side snaps.

Danielle Stephens said...

I'd probably do a gender neutral like an Ooga print so both my kids can wear it(them). I'm thinking no snaps.

Julie said...

I'd choose a gender neutral grey chevron with no snaps. :-) They look lovely!

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of theses, i'm currently using a blueberry pocket at night with my three year old.

Julia said...

I would go with the flames with no snaps.

lace said...

I like the clouds probably with snaps.

Anonymous said...

Real Tree camo is there anything but that. My 14 year old would REALLY be upset if his little brother didn't have REAL TREE CAMO TRAINERS. No Snaps please, at least we are gonna try that way and hope for the best :)

Ashley-Raye said...

I would love the Pink Guitars with snaps!

b palkow said...

Tye Dye with snaps.

Wendy Mastin said...

I like Later Gator with snaps

Ashley Loader said...

I love the dino dudes, and I like to have the option of snaps!

Anonymous said...

monsters are cute. josia.mcguire@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

monsters with snaps. josia.mcguire@gmail.com

Allison Jarmon said...

I love winter ooga print with ocean elastic with matching snaps.

Beth Ann said...

I like the chevrons with snaps! :)

Nicole Gutermann said...

I like a lot of the prints but really like the Blue Hearts. I would try a pocket with side snaps

Jaime Hodges said...

I like the girly prints and I would love to have a trainer with snaps.

jennafish said...

i am not entirely sure which would be best. maybe with snaps?

Harley said...

I would like realtree with snaps

Charlotte said...

I like the Carnival Bloom with snaps

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