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April 2, 2013

Tushie Ties

I'm so excited to introduce you all to Tushie Ties today! Run by work at home mom Crystal, Tushie Ties are an ingenious prefold option that comes with a built in fastener. The Tushie Tie that I was sent to review is Crystal's bamboo velour one size option, but she also has a newborn size. Tushie Ties also come in a cotton lycra fleece option.

This Tushie Tie is a 2x4x2 prefold, meaning that there are two layers of fabric on the outside panels, and the middle panel has four layers of fabric. The one size prefold measured approximately 17 inches by 13 inches.

You put this prefold on your baby much like any other, but instead of using a snappi or pins to fasten it you use the sewn on ribbons! Simply thread them through the button holes on each of the back corners and tie in the front. Crystal has great video tutorials on her YouTube channel in case you want to see this in action.

To adjust the sizing you can either fold down the front or the back to the size you need, or fold both down. Then you just tie the ribbons like usual. This picture above shows the Tushie Tie with the front rise folded down quite a ways. The one size can go quite small if need be!

Here is the diaper on Ava. I got a great fit every time with this prefold. The bamboo velour is slightly stretchy which helps get a nice smooth fit. I just love the ribbon tie option, too. I felt like it gave a much more secure fit for us than our Snappis usually do.

This side view shows just how trim this awesome prefold is! Despite the trimness it is one of the most absorbent prefolds I own. This is my go to prefold if I need to not worry about leaks when we're going to be out and about for a long time.

Here is a back shot of the Tushie Tie. I just love the look of prefolds, I think because it has that old-fashioned nostalgic look to it!

The Tushie Tie is my new favorite prefold option. I love the cute ribbon print options and how easy it is to put these on. The absorbency is fantastic, and the ultra trimness means I can use any of my covers, not just the bulky ones! I loved this diaper so much, I actually ordered three more from Crystal. She is having a 3 for $30 sale right now which is a killer deal, and I just couldn't resist owning more of these fantastic diapers. Go check her out on Facebook and Hyenacart!

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Tired Mommy said...

these look awesome! I'd love to try them.

Lisa said...

My favorite is Pandas and Berries Bamboo Velour One Size but I also like Making Music Bamboo Velour One Size, Button Caterpillar Bamboo Velour One Size, and several others. These all are really cute and I would love to try this out.

aperry said...

Making Music Bamboo Velour One Size is my favorite

Amanda Sandoval said...

I really like the Pandas & Berries tushie tie. My 2nd choice would be Wild at Heart.

Amanda said...

I like the Sock Monkey Business and the Tie Game. BTW her twitter isn't entered in the rafflecopter form.

rkasinger said...

This really is a neat idea, everything you need all together, and simple.

Unknown said...

My favorite is the newborn simplicity fitted, and the button caterpillar bamboo velour!!

Beth R said...

I like the Tie-a-saurus-Bamboo Velour

Charlotte said...

My favorite it the That's a Hoot-Bamboo Velour Tushie Tie

Abbey from TheOtherSink said...

We love us some Sock Monkey Business!!!

Unknown said...

The forest friends design is adorable. Neat idea having a trifold held together with a pretty ribbon.

mammi_of_2 said...

i really like the Making Music Bamboo Velour its so cute plus its my sons theme lol im having a little rock star! :)
bonnie r

Tannis said...

I like birdie love

Jenn McClearn said...

love them all! the sock monkey and sail away are my two favs :)

Liz Anderson said...

I have no idea which to choose... I guess it is a toss up between That's a hoot and tie game :) both adorable...

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