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April 2, 2013

Little Comfort Bambee Fitted

Today I want to introduce you to a cloth diaper that claims: "after 300 washes, [it] will remain as soft as the day you got it!" After quite a few washes here at our home, I can tell you that this claim sure sounds accurate. We have really been enjoying the Little Comfort Bambee Fitted around here!

The Little Comfort Bambee is a one size fits most fitted diaper. It is made by Little Comfort, an Irish cloth diaper company, and distributed in the US by Green Team Enterprises Distribution. The Bambee features a bamboo pico fabric which is made of 80% bamboo and 20% polyester. This ratio is what gives the Bambee its lasting softness! The inner layers of the diaper are a 70/30 bamboo/cotton fleece. The polyester component to the fabric also helps the diaper dry faster than your average bamboo fitted.

The Little Comfort Bambee has two rise options. It uses a fold down rise that can actually snap into place on the front. I don't see this feature on many fold over rise diapers, and I really like having it. I find that it helps to maintain the size if the fold is snapped down. This next picture shows the rise folded over and snapped in place.

The fitted comes with two boosters that you can use inside it. Both are topped with fleece to give a stay dry feeling for your baby. This is an awesome feature, especially to use at nighttime! 

The two inserts snap together and then snap into the diaper. In the picture above the insert on the far right snaps onto the one in the middle. The snaps on the bottom insert can then snap onto the snaps on the front of the diaper, shown in the picture below.

You can see in this next picture how the inserts stack inside the diaper. They add a ton of absorbency!

When the rise is folded down you can use the smaller of the two inserts by itself, though it is just a lay-in insert when used with the fold down option. The same snaps that hold in the inserts for the large rise become the waist snaps for the folded rise. For really small babies you could even leave both inserts out, since the fitted shell has a built in section of very absorbent bamboo fleece down the middle.

We got a great fit with this fitted. It has nice stretchy tabs which makes it easier to get a good fit around the waist. This diaper is really trim through the crotch despite having both inserts in!

We also got a nice smooth, trim fit across the back of the diaper. I really like trim fitteds because I have a lot more options for what cover to use over them!

Overall, this fitted has been a great diaper for us! It is very absorbent, and with the stay dry fleece it is often my go-to nap diaper. I find that Ava sleeps longer and better with stay dry material during naps, and this works great for that purpose. The fit is great and since it is trim I can even use my cute GroVia covers over it! This is a great fitted option for those who need stay dry feel but want bamboo absorbency!

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