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April 9, 2013

Bees Wrap

Since Earth Day is coming up soon we are featuring some products that will help you go green in your home. Today I am happy to introduce you to a product called Bees Wrap. I was sent the Medium (10"x11") size to review.

Bees Wrap is a really cool product that can help you cut down on your use of plastic wrap, tin foil, and plastic bags. It is made from organic muslin fabric that has been coated with a mixture of beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. This coating gives the Bees Wrap a slightly stiff texture and are what help it to seal to whatever you are using it to store.

Each piece of Bees Wrap has their adorable logo stamped onto it in the corner. In this close up you can kind of see the sheen of the beeswax/oil coating.

Basically to use it you lay it over top of the bowl, cup, or container that you are covering, and then use the heat of your hands to seal it on top. This picture above is of my gigantic coffee mug. I couldn't wait to try the Bees Wrap when I got it, and my mug was the closest thing to me! I got an awesome seal on the edge of the mug. I was a little nervous that it would leave a sticky residue behind like that disposable sticky plastic wrap stuff does, but it doesn't leave much sticky-ness behind. I had a little bit on the edge of my mug that I could feel, but it wiped right off with a warm cloth. (My favorite part of putting it on my mug? The lovely beeswax smell that lingered for a little while after I took it off!)

I mostly have been using the Bees Wrap to cover bowls in my refrigerator. This bowl was a chicken salad that I covered with Bees Wrap to store in my fridge, and it kept the salad so nice and fresh! It does take a little more work to cover the bowl back up if I take it out of the fridge to get food out of it and then want to put it back on. That is only due to the fridge making the Bees Wrap cold, though, so you just need more heat from your hands than normal.

Bees Wrap comes in four sizes: the Bread Wrap (17"x23"), Large (13"x14"), Medium (10"x11"), and Small (7"x8"). The Bread Wrap is big enough to wrap a whole loaf of bread! I found that the Medium I had was big enough for my biggest mixing bowl, but not quite big enough for my largest Pyrex bowl. You can also use Bees Wrap to wrap up sandwiches, cheese, or the cut end of veggies or fruit. The only thing you shouldn't use Bees Wrap for is raw meat for food safety.

I have really enjoyed getting to try Bees Wrap, and am definitely going to be purchasing all the sizes they have! Their prices are so reasonable, and I love that I can cut down on my disposable plastic wrap usage by using this product.

Bees Wrap has generously offered to giveaway a set of three Bees Wraps to one of our readers! Enter in the form below.

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Melissa said...

I would use them for my husband's and son's lunches. That's so cool that they're reusable!

Abbey from TheOtherSink said...

for packing luches!

Unknown said...

I'd use them for our homemade bread, or to keep the bowl of pesto pasta cold and covered in the fridge while I was making the rest of dinner. Not to mention how awesome it would be to take it to picnics! No more ants in my salad!

Lois said...

I would use them to seal baked goods.

The Durhams said...

i just ran out of plastic wrap and would love this product to use in its place. my son eats half an apple every night and leaves the other half in the fridge. would love to use the bee's wrap to cover it up!


Amanda Sandoval said...

I'd use it to cover my leftovers! Then I wouldn't have to dirty tuperware, I could just keep it in the dinner bowl, pot.

Carrie Phelps said...

I love long loaves of french bread but I can never find a way to store them, I would use it for this!

Jessica w said...

Bread, cookies, brownies. The big vat of oatmeal I make for the week.

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of such thing up until now - what a great idea! I would use it to wrap cheese and cover leftover meals in the fridge. Tammy Barker

Unknown said...

I would use the bee's wrap for sandwiches and leftovers

Unknown said...

seal baking goods, and lemon juice etc in the fridge. Wow this looks really cool thanks for the review :)

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