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March 22, 2013

EZ Squeezees

EZ Squeezees makes a great reusable squeeze pouch for babies and toddlers. I have used many of these with my 18 month old so I appreciated the great product that EZ Squeezees makes. I got a three pack of their pouches to review and they were an instant favorite of my daughters. The first time I used them, I didn't get my mixture thick enough so Coral dumped her food on her lap. After that, I made my purees a nice thick consistency and had no more mess like that.

The EZ Squeezee has a ziplock type closure on one side and an expanding gusset fold on the other to enable more food space. The pouch is easy to fill and close, which is great when you have a demanding little one ready for a snack. I had a little bit of a hard time trying to fit too much food into the pouch and making a mess. It says that it's about a 6oz capacity but I had a hard time getting that much in there. The closure is wonderfully secure and never once opened or leaked while in use.

On the back of the pouch there is a place to write the contents. This is great if you are sending it to daycare with your child and want to keep track of the date. Also, it's wonderful for helping keep track when making a variety of pouches for balanced meals.

The side opening is easy to access and makes for easy filling.

Here is a picture of the other side with the gusset. After a few uses and washes, there are some creases in this fold that concerned me. It looks like little cracks in the seal but they don't actually leak. I filled the pouch with water and nothing came out. Phew! I loved these pouches.

Here's about 4oz of applesauce in the pouch. Check out how the pouch just sits there ready for filling. It's so handy!

Here is the toodler-squeal inducing pouch all full. Coral will be up soon and I know when she see's it she will be so excited for breakfast. It's in the fridge now but I will place it in warm water for a bit so bring it just above room tempurature.

On EZ Squeezes website, they have an amazing variety or recipes for your healthy child. You can get these wonderful pouches in 3-packs there as well! They are offering a coupon code for our readers. Code is CLOTHADDICT buy TWO 3-PACKS of pouches and a bag of replacement caps, the cost of caps will be taken off at checkout when you put the code in. Just add it in when you check out.

Go "like" EZ Squeezees Facebook page for updates.

The generous folks over at EZ Squeezee are giving away 2 prizes to our readers. Experience the baby-bliss for yourselves!

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Catherine Mirelez said...

My favorite veggie to slip in are peas!

Catherine Mirelez

aperry said...

Spinach and kale Anne Perry

Holly Wilson said...

I put spinach into smoothies all the time! I don't know if you can call it sneaking since it makes the smoothie green. I also sneak all kinds of veggies into spaghetti sauce!

Lois said...

I love sneaking in spinach! It hides so well under he taste of berries! -Lois Chapo

Boise Wiebers said...

I don't have to sneak. My kids love veggies... even brussel sprouts.

Pix said...

I agree. My son love brussel spouts, peas, corn, broccoli...

rkasinger said...

my kids love the ones at the store, I have heard of these refillable packs. I hadn't seen them before, the pictures make them seem very easy to use.

Julie said...

OMG, my toddler would FREAK. He's obsessed with the ones you can buy in the store, but they're just not in my budget most of the time. This is the perfect answer!

Charity said...

My favorite veggie to sneak in will probably be carrots.

Cat said...

These are awesome! My little one isn't eating solids yet, but I'll definitely be looking into these in the future.

Joyful said...

I never really had to sneak in veggies...when they were little, they liked them all! These pouches look awesome!

Chris Mislan said...

No sneaking...My boys LOVE veggies, I have a 3 ear old and a 11 month old who die over butternut squash, green beans, and kale. I actually got the other pouches that you reviewed. We love them, and pouches are great with boys who can't sit still.

Beth R said...

Normally spinach and kale, but my boys love their veggies and actually help make them so we are mostly just adding them in :)
Beth Rees

Cameron said...

Veggie I love to sneak in: spinach. Easy to do in smoothies. By the way, SOOO excited you reviewed these because I have been looking for my own squeezy pouch to use with my own homemade babyfood for a while. Thanks!

Bianca @ The Pierogie Mama said...

Any leafy green!

Bianca T.

Katie Skifstad said...

I like to sneak in anything green. Baby man is not a fan of his veggies, except for squash and sweet potato, so we have to mix everything else with something he likes.

Katie Skifstad said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

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