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October 7, 2011

Dana's About me!

Hello Everyone! I am Dana, a blog 'contributor' with my sister in law Kristina. I was not so sure that I wanted to do cloth until Kristina really got me into it! So pumping along on my journey with cloth diapering and I LOVE IT AND AM ADDICTED!!!

I have been married for 9 years as of April 2012, to my wonderful husband Willy. We have 5 kiddos, oldest Xavier Josiah 6, Alydiah Mae and Elijah William (twins) 4, Kaiden Lionel 2 and Addyson Faith who is just 3 months old. We are a busy busy family but would not change it for the world! Xavier and the twins are in school half days so that is a nice break for mama!

I did not cloth diaper all of them. I started out a little bit with the twins when they were about a year or so old because I found out that I was pregnant for number 4 and wanted to save some money. So I jumped into it now knowing anything! I went on the internet and found the cheapest things I could find and ended up with a bunch of Kawaii diapers. I just washed regularly with all my other clothes. I know thats horrible but I did not know anything. So I did that until Kaiden was born and then I decided I could save money and make my own diapers. So I did that for a bit and then I just stopped for a while because I got sick of it and did not want to pay the price for good diapers.
(diaper I made)

When Kaiden was about a year maybe a bit over, I went to the diaper store with Kristina (my sister in-law) and took the cloth diaper class and she got me hooked all over again. I am not a prefold mama, I wanted quick and easy so I went with the bum genius AIO organics! LOVED that diaper so much I started right out with that! Kaiden is currently cloth diapered and my favorite diapers on him are the dinkledooz pockets. He loves them too, he always goes to the diaper drawer and picks out his "dooz" as he calls them and on they go!
Addyson started out in cloth from day one after she arrived home from the NICU. She was born 5 weeks early and had about 2 1/2 weeks in the NICU and they could not use cloth there because of the germs and stuff. When she arrived home we had her in lil joeys and grovia newborns. I had issues with leaks so we did prefolds and fitteds for her. She now is in Tots bots (easy fits) and prefolds and fitted with covers. She loves her cloth and so does mommy. I get to buy cute girly prints now so this mama is excited!

Well that's me the mama with lots of kids and 2 in cloth diapers!