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April 20, 2011

Bummas Wipes

Awhile ago I had the opportunity to review a set of Bummas Wipes. You can find my review here. I did uses them as cloth wipes and they worked well. But recently I have started finding new ways that I can be more 'green' so to speak in my home by reducing the amount of waste we produce by using reusable items in other areas of our home. That is where the Bummas wipes come into play. I was doing the dishes a couple of weeks ago and my dish sponge was getting pretty gross and was ready to be tossed out. So in the trash it went and I was left standing at the sink wondering what to use...(yes, we wash dishes with our hands, not a dish washer- feel sorry me here and then be done)...anyways I remembered that I had a stack of Bummas wipes sitting on the back our our toilet (we were using them for our son while potty training) that were nice and CLEAN. Now try not to be grossed out by the fact that I used the same wipes for washing dishes as I did for wiping up poop but seriously, they were clean, no stains on them or anything like that. So I grabbed a couple of those wipes and brought them to the kitchen. I thought the size of them was perfect for this job. I hate using a big ole' wash cloth because its bulky and always bunches up in the wrong spots and is a pain to use, the Bummas wipes are smaller like a dish sponge and worked great. Plus the fact that they have a soft side and a rougher textured side was great for scrubbing. So I can happily say that I was able find a great solution to my problem while saving money and helping the environment!

But what else can you use Bummas Wipes for? Here is a list of some of the things I have used them for:
-Cloth Wipes
-Toilet cleaners for the potty training sprinkles that don't make it in the bowl but rather on the bowl.
-Washing hands and faces (great for bath time too)
-Cleaning off the high chair tray
-wiping off glasses
-and more!

These wipes come in really handy. I love that they are small and don't take up much space. Have you tried the Bummas Wipes? What do you think of them? What have you used them for?


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