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November 30, 2010

12 Days of Clothmas Rules and Tips

We are so excited to be bringing to you our first major holiday event:

12 Days of Clothmas
This event will be taking place for the next 12 days (December 1-12). Each day a new post will go up on the blog offering a new great giveaway. We have around $500 worth of great items, all cloth diaper related to give thanks to some amazing sponsors.

As a kick off to this event I would like to share some things to keep this event as happy as possible. Please be sure to read through the following items to make sure your entries will be counted!

1. In order for any of your comments/entries to count you MUST be a PUBLIC follower of our blog. If you are not a follower we will remove all of your other comments/entries before selecting a winner.
2. We strive to provide our readers with a great quality blog about cloth diapering and other great parenting products. As stated above you must be a follower to enter to win any of the giveaway. We would love for you to continue following us after this event is over.
3.Please include your email address in every comment you post. This will make it much easier for us to contact you, rather than us having to go on a wild goose chase looking through your blogs profile to find one. If you don't have an email address posted your comment/entry will not count as an entry.
4. We have some amazing sponsors who have donated some amazing prizes. Please show your kindness to them and thank them on their pages! They have put their own time and money into these items and do not have to give anything but are because they rock!
5. Please be honest with us. If you say you like a certain page on facebook make sure you actually do. If you are chosen as the winner for one of the days all your entries will be checked. If any of them are not true you will not be allowed to win and we will pick a new winner.
6. We would love to see a picture on our facebook page of the items you win when you receive them. A lot of these items are custom made for you so we do not know what you are getting and would love to see!
7. All the items that are being given away are being sent directly from the sponsors except for the Snappi's. The sponsors are responsible for getting the items to you in a timely manner. For custom items it might take a little longer to get them to you. If you do not recieve your items by the end of December please email be back and I will get in contact with your sponsor to see what is going on. Hopefully this will not happen!
8. Please make sure the items you are entering to win are able to ship to your country!
9. If you found our secret code don't forget to use it. You may only use it once per giveaway. You will have also had to follow the guidelines posted below the code in order for it to count. If you see other people posting it and do it to when you haven't actually found the code then ALL your entries will be removed for that giveaway.


I hope you all have a great time checking out these new companies and businesses. They have all been great to work with and I can not wait to see all the great items you pick out! Thank you all for following Cloth Diaper Addiction! As a little present to you I will let you all in on a little heads up for the giveaways. Below you will find a list of all the different sites you will need to like or follow for entries. There will be more than these on the actual post but if you do these now you don't have to worry about it later!

Cloth Diaper Addiction
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-Like Cloth Diaper Addiction on Facebook
-Follow Cloth Diaper Addiction on Twitter

Green Belle Designs
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-Like IttyBittyBums on Facebook

Go Green Pocket Diapers
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BooBearBuns (slings&sacks)

Charlies Soap
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Stinky Moose
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Robyn's Sweet Cheeks
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Bloom Boutique
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Little Muffin Bottoms
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Northern Mom
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VanEssen Family said...

I like the new look of the blog with the Christmas colored diapers. I am actually planning on doing something similar with a photoshoot with my little :-)
Can't wait for these giveaways to start. I am really excited!

Laura said...

Excited!!!!!! This is going to be great!

katastrofikkatacombs said...

Wow!!! I can't believe how much work must have gone into this! You rock

Winkydinks said...

Can't wait for the fun to start!

Cher said...

I'm so EXCITED!!! Thank you for all you have done!

Tina...Mommy of lotsa boys said...

EXITED! Can't wait! Thanks so much for doing this!

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