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April 22, 2013

Little Beasties Pocket diaper

Finding new WAHM's is always fun, especially when they have some really unique features on their diapers. Today I am reviewing a Little Beasties Pocket diaper. This diaper has a few unique features that make it really neat.

The front wing of the diaper has the name of the business embroidered on it rather than having just a tag.  It also has one set of snaps on one wing and two sets of snaps on the other wing.

The diaper has a neat adjustment system to help get the perfect fit on your little one. The first part of the adjustment system the 'normal' rise adjustments featuring 4 different sizes for rise. This is fairly standard way of adjusting the rise. I will talk about the other adjustments in a minute.
 I was allowed to pick a back embroidery for our diaper and I picked a sunshine. We call Micah our little sunshine so it was perfect!
 Here is a shot of all the snaps, it has a double row of snaps across the waist.
 The inside of the diaper features double gussets to help with fit as well as holding in some mess.
 Inside the diaper.
 There is a pocket opening in the back to stuff the diaper.
 Here is where the diaper gets pretty unique in terms of adjusting the size so you can get a great fit on your little one. The diaper has adjustable elastic in the leg casing. On each strip of elastic are snaps that snap onto the shell. So if you need a bigger rise but have a skinny legged baby you can make the legs skinner and the rise higher! This is a pretty cool feature.  I have a few more pictures posted below showing the snap leg adjustments.

 Here is the diaper on my 10 month old. We have it on the second rise setting and the elastic setting was on the middle snap.
 The diaper is pretty trim. Each Little Beasties comes with a special insert.
 The back of my sunshine diaper!
 Little Beasties makes their own inserts using microfiber sandwiched between two layers of flannel. The inserts are serged and come with snap adjustments so that if you have the rise set to a smaller rise you can fold over and snap the insert to fit nicely inside the diaper sell.

 I love this fish print!
The Little Beasties diaper has a lot of great features. We had success with this diaper and no leaking issues. We have only used this diaper during the day and have not used it for bed time. Little Beasties has a lot of fun different embroidery options to choose from for the back of their pocket diapers. If you have a baby that you have a hard time finding a good fit with try a Little Beasties diaper with their 3x3 adjustments.

Little Beasties is going to give away a diaper to a lucky reader! To enter fill out the form below! Good Luck!

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Unknown said...

Love the biohazard design!!

brittneymerck said...

I like the teal chevron diaper

Angela said...

One size snap cloth diaper with adjustable elastic, gussets, & insert - teal chevron


The Durhams said...

the cupcake diaper! so cute.


brittany soule said...

I like the skull diaper fun

Anonymous said...

:( every time I tried to go to the Etsy shop I was greeted with "something went wrong" my phone is apparently being stupid this morning.

Jessica w said...

I like the pink flower rhinestones! Too cute!

Jess Long said...

I love all the bedazzled ones!!!

Unknown said...

I like the diaper with the guitars and skulls. I've got 2 little rock n roll boys over here :)

sklathro said...

my husband and I are both biologists, so I thought the biohazard design was so great!

Cat said...

Love the teal chevron!

Boise Wiebers said...

The cupcake made with rhinestones is very sweet.

Carrie C said...

I like the teal chevron diaper!

Sabrina B Radke said...

I love the one size snap closure teal chevron diaper!!

Sarah Hayes said...

i like the purple one with rinestone butterflies

Julia said...

I like the diaper loading
Please wait...

Grace RM said...

the adjustable leg openings and adjustable rise is awesome! I have a skinny legged baby who often needs a bigger rise, which always leads to leaks and gaps

Grace said...

The pink pirate one-size diaper is my favorite:) Fits my daughter well!!

Unknown said...

I love the Damask diaper!

Love{&}Bugs said...

well I really like the you are my sunshine diaper that you have but since I didn't see that in the store, I like the initial diapers

Rachel said...

love this one! http://www.etsy.com/listing/130172895/one-size-touchtape-cloth-diaper-with?ref=shop_home_active

Unknown said...

I love the One size cloth snap diaper with adjustable elastic, gussets, & insert - pirate

Amanda said...

I like the Black Pirate diaper!

Colleen Maurina said...

I really like their One size snap cloth diaper in teal chevron.

colljerr at comcast dot net

Joleen F said...

Love the butterfly dipe!!!!

Cameron said...

Oh my gosh that "Diaper Loading...Please Wait" diaper is hilarious! I love it! Thanks for the giveaway.

Jennifer Mac said...

Love the rhinestone cupcake!

Coralie Creates said...

I love the "diaper loading" diaper. So funny!

Charlotte said...

So many cute ones!!!

Diaper Loading


Unknown said...

http://www.etsy.com/listing/124607300/one-size-touchtape-cloth-diaper-with?ref=shop_home_active love

Unknown said...

One size cloth snap diaper with adjustable elastic, gussets, & insert - pirate

KaraP said...

Ooh, I love the black damask!

matope said...

that camo one is too cute!

Unknown said...


Sweets_t01 said...

My favorite has to be biohazard!
-Patricia B-

an unexpected turn said...

love the butterfly!

Unknown said...

i liked the cupcake butt diaper. i'd like it in snaps tho and only saw touchtape...

Julie said...

One size touchtape cloth diaper with adjustable elastic, gussets & insert - pirate

AKA, the black skull n' crossbones one!!!

Laura said...

I love the diaper loading..please wait diaper!

CJ said...

teal chevron

steinerk said...

Ok so of the instock I guess "Diaper loading" but really I love the "you are my sunshine" one since his grandma says he is her sunshine!

DianaSironi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DianaSironi said...

DianaSironi said...
The white Sweet Baby is pretty cute !

Tweeted about you https://twitter.com/DianaSironi/status/327798227439063041

Vicki Hall said...

I like the diaper Loading please wait diaper

Unknown said...

Love the purple and black zebra stripes :)

Beth R said...

I love the teal chevron diaper

judi said...

I love the butterfly rhinestones diaper!

Jessie said...

One size touchtape cloth diaper in Teal Chevron

Melissa Arndt said...

Love the guitar one!

jckarber said...

I like the Teal Chevron diaper!

Laura Fulks said...

I love the white diaper that says "sweet baby" on the back.

Unknown said...

I love the one you posted above and the sweet baby design.

Beth Ann said...

I love this one!

One size snap super ruffle cloth diaper with adjustable elastic, gussets & insert :)

jennafish said...

i love the pirates! thanks so much! jenna_burris

Jessica said...

While I absolutely LOVE the ruffle butt diaper, it's probably not practical for every day use. I'd have to go with the Damask print :)


Talia said...

The teal chevron diaper is gorgeous!

Lynette said...

Love this one-- diaper loading!

myricksl6 said...

I really like the Teal Chevron One size snap cloth diaper with the adjustable elastic, gussets, & insert

Rachel M. said...

The cupcake diaper.

Tracy said...

omg goodness that dip is SO CUTE! My fav is the teal chevron snap diaper. TY for the giveaway!

GingerG said...

I like the diaper loading...please wait!

Vanessa C. said...

So cute! I like the One size cloth snap diaper with adjustable elastic, gussets, & insert in "sweet baby"

bekah said...

this diaper is soo cute! i love the one you reviewed! also the one size with guitar print

Anonymous said...

I love their mustache you not to pinch me diaper!!

denise h said...

love the diaper loading...........

caedmen said...

I like the black and white ruffle diaper

(Rachel N on raffelcopter)

Unknown said...

I love the diaper loading please wait one

Raquel said...

I love the OS Super Ruffle Diaper! So cute!

Erin B. said...

I love the One size purple with butterfly rhinestones :)

Jess Long said...

I love the Monogram customs

Lianne said...

Love the teal chevron snaps!

Valerie said...

I love their custom made one size cloth pocket diaper embroidery letter. Really cute!

Kate said...

My favorite item is the snap diaper with the teal chevron design.

Unknown said...

Wow adjustable snap elastic for the legs, genius!

Unknown said...

Wow adjustable snap elastic for the legs, genius!

Bianca_Michael said...

I love the black pirate diaper!

Beth said...

The teal chevron with snaps is perfect.

Charlotte said...

I love the one size diaper in the Damask print!

Allie said...

I think the "loading diaper" is hilarious! I love it

Unknown said...

Love the teal chevron! One size touchtape cloth diaper with adjustable elastic, gussets, & insert - teal chevron

miss emily said...

Love the biohazard diaper!!!

Unknown said...

I love the pink diaper with the skull and crossbones.

kimberly pugliese said...

One size cloth snap diaper with adjustable elastic, gussets, & insert - pink pirate...so cute!!

Laura Beth said...

I like the pink girly one with butterflies!

JACLYN said...

One size cloth diapers with adjustable elastic & gussets - touchtape caught my eye!

sweepinmomma123 said...

I love the diaper loading, please wait one! Great gift.

That Bald Chick said...

Love this one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/124607805/one-size-snap-cloth-diaper-with?ref=shop_home_active

Anonymous said...

I like the purple butterfly

Nicole H. said...

I like the teal chevron diaper.

Anonymous said...

I love the mustache one! so cute!

Unknown said...

the Diaper loading in progress and the mustache diapers are both too cute!!

Breanne said...

I like the one with birds, ladybugs, and butterflies

Abbey from TheOtherSink said...

The cupcake rhinestones are adorable....too bad I have a boy in cloth!

kelly said...

I like the teal chevron.

Rachel A. said...

Love the biohazard design!

Carissa joslyn said...

I really like the Bio hazard one!
suits my little one well, and it's a cool design

Unknown said...

I love the ruffle butt diapers. I also like the butterfly print one

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of this diaper, I hope to get to check it out!

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