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February 26, 2013

Yiddle Doppers Eco-Boutique

This morning's featured WAHM is Mandie of Yiddle Doppers Eco-Boutique. Mandie makes hybrid fitteds, AI2s, pocket diapers, mama cloth, and the occasional soft toy. I asked her to share a little about herself  and her shop with us to kick off her shop feature.

I am blessed share my life with, not only this business and its wonderful customers, but also a brood of delightful boys and one amazing man. We live in the beautiful mountains along the border of the NC/TN/GA and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and camping.

I began selling diapers (made from up-cycled gortex jackets) in a local shop about 8 years ago and sometime later the owner asked me if I had heard of "Hyena Cart". I hadn't so I looked into it. I procrastinated for a few years, but eventually opened Yiddle Doppers Online Shop a little over two years ago. My favourite items to create (other than diapers) are soft creatures, the kids just light up when they see them for the first time.

Mandie sent me an adorable Ooga Booga hybrid fitted diaper to review. A hybrid fitted has a hidden layer of fleece that helps to disburse moisture so that the soaker can absorb more before the moisture reaches the outside of the diaper. The interior of the fitted is lined with cotton velour and the outside is a cotton/lycra knit. Mandie makes the soakers out of Zorb sandwiched between bamboo fleece and tops them with cotton velour to match the inside of the diaper. Zorb is a highly absorbent fabric which will soak up liquids extremely quickly!

This diaper is thicker than most with all of its inserts inside it, but that also means that it is crazy absorbent! There are two inserts that snap into this diaper, the larger of which folds in half and snaps into the back of the diaper. The smaller insert can either snap in between the halves of the large insert or can be snapped into the back of the diaper by itself if you don't need as much absorbency.

Both inserts snapped together in the diaper.

The inserts spread apart so you can see how they attach.

Just the smaller insert snapped into the diaper.

The inserts snapped apart to show the construction.

Yiddle Dopper fitteds fit from 20-40 lbs as made, but you can request fold over rise snaps on your diaper and with those added it will fit from 8-40 lbs. Personally I love a fold over rise as a method of making a diaper one size! It's really convenient to be able to just flip down the front of a diaper during a change instead of having to snap down a rise.

This shows the rise folded down.

This is the rise opened up all the way.

Here is the diaper snapped closed with the rise folded down to show just how small it can get! 

We got a great fit on Ava with this fitted! I found that the rise we use depends on which soakers I put into it. If I just use the single, smaller soaker then I can use the folded over rise. This gives me a nice trim fit on Ava for those times where I don't need quite as much absorbency.

Back shot of the diaper with just the smaller soaker in it.

Side view of the diaper with the smaller soaker and the folded down rise. Nice and trim!

Usually when I use this diaper though, I like to add all the soakers to get maximum absorbency! I still get a great fit, but I leave the rise up when I have all the soakers in. Below is a great shot of the front of this diaper. I love the stretchy wings and how flat and smooth the front looks! This diaper is bulky with all the soakers in it, but since I mainly use this for nap time and overnight the bulkiness doesn't matter to me. For sleeping I take absorbency over trimness every day!

Ava rocks a big cloth booty in this diaper and I love it!

Overall we have been loving this diaper! I am so addicted to hybrid fitteds these days, and this is one of my favorites. I love the fit on Ava, and this fitted is so absorbent that I can leave it on her without a cover for 2-3 hours without leaks! I use it overnight with a wool cover and it lasts us 12 hours, despite Ava's crazy heavy night wetting.

I am happy to say that Mandie has a hybrid fitted in this awesome Impossible Love print to give away to one of our readers! Simply enter in the form below.

Yiddle Doppers™ one-size fitted hybrid diaper makes diapering simple and fun! No need to snap-and-re-snap to adjust the size, and no funny-looking "puckers" in the front! ... and no need for bulky covers!
(as is: fits approx 20-40 lbs)
(with optional additional snaps: fits down to 8 lbs)
Outer: Cotton/Lycra Knit (preshrunk)
Hidden: poly fleece - acts to disperse moisture more evenly throughout the diaper, allowing for the absorbent layers to do reach their capacity before the outer layer of the diaper begins to feel damp. The fleece layer does not entirely replace the need for a diaper cover during naps, car rides, or at times when the diaper will be worn for more than approximately 3 hours (depending on the child's wetting pattern).
Inner: Cotton knit velour
Snap-in Soaker:Bifold soaker made of Zorb® absorbent cloth sandwiched between layers of bamboo fleece and the same luscious cotton velour that lines the diaper. The entire soaker is contoured to a baby's shape for comfort and mobility. Also included is a small soaker for very young babies that doubles as a "doubler" for extra absorbency. Both soakers together total 2 layers of CV, 4 layers of BF, and 3 layers of Zorb® absorbent fabric.

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Abbey said...

Love the giant diaper booty!

Meleakua said...

these diapers look fabulous! thanks for the wonderful giveaway! :)

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