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June 29, 2011

Newborn Grovia AIO Review!

I was able to purchase a Grovia Newborn AIO diaper for my baby girl that is going to be born the end of July sometime. I could not wait until then to try it out because it was so cute so I used my almost 4 month old niece for the review!

This is the cutest diaper you will ever see...in my opinion anyways :) The GroVia AIO Newborn diaper is made to fit a 4lb to 13lb newborn baby. No covers are needed its all set and ready to wear after the first initial washing that is. The liner is made of organic cotton and its so soft aginst babys bum.
This is the diaper on Audrey (my niece) just under 4 months old in this pic. She has some chunky thighs and legs and the fit was really good on her. I have it on the biggest rise on her and its on the second to last snap for closure.

This one you can see how good the fit was on her and around her little chubby legs. She weighs 15lbs here and its about to the max. The following picture is her laying on her tummy. I love the back elastic of the diaper so snug nothing will come out of the back of it.

This is by far one of the best diapers I have seen for newborns. I loved it so much I bought more for my new arrival coming end of July. This diaper was purchased at EcoMom for $14.95, very reasonable price for an AIO newborn diaper too. This particular print is called mod flower for a little girl. There are not many prints but the ones they do have are adorable. Go and check out the website!

My personal opinion is I LOVE THIS DIAPER!!! I have purchased 4 more of these and will use them until my little one grows out of them. Like mentioned earlier 15lbs is about the max weight that I would go if you have a chunky baby! The diaper worked awesome but shes getting bigger so after 2 hours it was pretty wet. Hope this review helped some of you wondering about newborn diapers! I will be testing out a lil joey soon as i get that in too so stay tuned for another newborn review!!!!


AmandaRuth said...

I just bought 6 Grovia AIO for my toddler who has been having issues with leaking at night in her Bumgenius 4.0s. I'veheard the fit and trimness of this diaper is AWESOME.

I have another baby due the end of August - after this review... I hope to find some second hand Grovia Newborns somewhere!!

Liz said...

I love the GroVia AIOs for my son (14 m) but I always worry that they'll leak (maybe because they're so trim?). They do well on his chunky monkey thighs too.

My GOODNESS that diaper is so small and adorable!

Hilary said...

Love this nappy. Looks great, not bulky and looks like newborn poop will be fully contained!