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June 20, 2011


Wow! I can hardly believe that It has been a whole year since I started up this blog. I can honestly tell you for 100% sure that I never imagined it to get to the level that it has. Its also hard to believe that over a year ago I started my cloth diapering adventure. I can still remember the day I walked into Ecobuns and made my first purchase of cloth diapers. Well it wasn't that easy, trust me, I had done so much research on cloth diapers but I was sill pretty much completely clueless as to what was what and then I took a mini 'class' at the store and that cleared a lot up for me. I walked out of there much more confident, a few dollars less in my pocket and a bag of fluffy goodness to get me started on my adventure of Cloth Diapering!

What did I get that day? Three size one Thirsties covers, 1 planet wise hanging wet dry bag, 1 6pks of small Bummis prefolds, a snappi and a pack of Bummis liners. It was a good day!
After a week of doing cloth diapers I remember having a break down. I wasn't quite yet hooked. I liked doing it yet didn't want to do it. I didn't know if I could do it. So many different emotions, reasons, possibilities, you name it. I thought for sure I just wasted the money on these diapers and didn't want to say so. So what did I do? I kept going at it. I tried out a couple different kinds of diapers rather than just prefolds. Things got better, I started to get the hang of the laundry, the system and everything else. I was hooked from then on out. I kept reading other bogs, looking for suggestions, help, new diapers etc and thought it would be fun to share my adventure with other moms looking for a solution rather than disposables. Enter Cloth Diaper Addiction. I purchased the web name, and created my blog. To share my adventures, my preferences and my addiction to cloth diapers. We started out on June 22, 2010 with 0 followers. Pretty amazing right! Two months later we were close to 140! WOW! And now we are up to 1,150 blog followers and 2,263 likers on our facebook page.

I thought I would share a quick journey in cloth diapers with you through pictures...

Zeke, 4 weeks old wearing a prefold and cover

Eli 19 months wearing a prefold and cover
Eli 22 months, Zeke 2 months wearing AI2's

Zeke 4 months sporting our first easy fit diaper.
Zeke 6 months Drybees AIO
Eli 23 months wearing Happy Heinys
Zeke wearing a new favorite...Best Bottoms!