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June 13, 2011

Monday Mommy

Todays Monday Mommy is Sarah from "The Little HedgeHog" Blog. She has some fun stuff to read about getting started and her adventures with cloth diapering! Enjoy!


The Little Hedgehog is pretty much about my son and my addiction to cloth diapers. Haha! The Little Hedgehog is a place for me to share our families adventures, where I love to write about all things cloth diapering and how our family is working towards a brighter shade of "green" eco-friendly-ness.

I started cloth diapering Michael when he was 4 months old. I was introduced to cloth diapers from another mom at a breastfeeding group that I went to. She pulled out these cute, soft looking pink cloth diapers and I started asking her questions about them! I was so intrigued that I went home and started doing research and bought my first 6 cloth diapers right away! I've loved them since the moment I first laid eyes on them and only wish that I had known about them sooner! Having no one to "show me the ropes" of cloth diapering definitely resulted in some funny diapering incidents! When I first started cloth diapering, I started with bumGenius and they worked great for us. Well, a couple months later, I got a free Fuzzibunz as part of a shop promotion. I had no idea how to use them and after washing it, I put it on my son and had left it at the smallest setting! I was so excited to try it on him that I didn't read the directions...he looked ridiculous as I squished the diaper on him!

We started cloth diapering Michael because it would save us money in the long run and then started learning about all of the other awesome cloth diapering benefits. I am glad that I started small and learned what worked and didn't work for us without investing a ton of money right away and I am thankful to have a hubby who is totally on-board with cloth diapering and is learning right alongside me how to make healthier and more eco-friendly choices for our home and family.

I am a 27 year old wife to my hubby and best-est friend, Bryan. We have been married for 6 years and it has been a wonderful adventure! I am also a mommy to our son, Michael who is a lively 18 month little boy who (I believe) has no fear and is 100% boy! He has such a happy spirit and has the best laugh...EVER! Our little family lives in sunny, Southern California and I love, love, love the sunshine! I have learned so many things since the beginning of my cloth diapering journey 14 months ago! I definitely still love our bumGenius one size pocket diapers. They fit my son beautifully and I love that I can customize the absorbency. Speaking of absorbency, I use the joey-bunz hemp inserts and they are great for nap time or night time! I've also recently discovered Thirsties and I am a big fan of their covers and duo diaper. My favorite feature that they have is the double gusset...it is awesome at keeping everything ""in"" where it belongs.

""Accessory-wise"", I am rather fond of my Planet Wise wet bag, our diaper sprayer and cloth wipes. :) Funny enough, I started using cloth wipes much later than cloth diapers and again, wish I had known about them sooner! I do still waver between making my own wipe solution or buying it. Also, I haven't ventured into wool yet...it intimidates me a bit, but who knows, I may jump in just as wholeheartedly as I did with cloth diapering and love it just as much!

We love going to the park! Michael loves the swings, climbing all over the jungle-gym and sliding down the slides. We have such nice weather here that I just love getting outdoors to do things. In the summer, we spend a lot of time playing in the sprinkler in the back yard or swimming and splashing at the community pool - Michael is quite the little fishy!

I love it when we get some cuddle time in the big arm chair in our living room! Michael isn't the biggest snuggler since he's become mobile, but sometimes he'll sit with me in the chair and we'll either read a book or watch Baby Signing Time and I just soak it in! There is definitely a lot of playing, chasing, laughing and reading that goes on during the day! We have also started going to a weekly farmers market, which has been super fun for Michael to see so many people, kids, pets and try new local foods! "

I visit a lot of blogs... I love reading what other mom's are doing, learning new recipes, craft ideas, reading about new cloth diapers or tips and tricks that others have. I also love reading reviews and entering giveaways! Haha! It's fun for me - I feel like I am learning something and love that I could possibly win it too! Some of my favorite blogs to read are: Change-Diapers.com, Marine Parents, Lil Bit Of Us, 29 Diapers, Cloth Diaper Addiction, Made by Rae, A Year With Mom and Day and there's more, but I won't continue to just make an uber long list. ;)