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June 9, 2011

::Abstract:: {Indie Mama} Review

Nursing a 9 month old can sometimes require flexibilty and skill. My little one will hear the car down the street and around the corner and need to see it...There might be a fly landing on the porch outside that must be seen now...Not to mention the noise created by his two big brothers running around! Distractions. Every where! It's a wonder how any eating can take place!

Enter the Nipple Saver:
At first I was a little confused (I mean, say the name and look at the picture...), but quickly figured out what an amazing idea this little gadget was. And not to mention, it's super easy to use.

Clip on shirt, nurse baby, baby plays while he eats, and everyone is happy.
One thing I noticed almost immediately, Caedmon's day time nursing sessions increased in length because he had something to focus on. Previously, he would be too distracted to really eat, but having a focal point made things so much easier and more enjoyable. Not only would Caedmon be distracted, he'd be picking my nose, cleaning my teeth and playing with, ahem, other things - that roaming hand needed to be occupied!

Erica, the awesome mommy behind ::Abstract:: {Indie Mama}, also creates gorgeous nursing necklaces, that can double as teethers since they are completely wooden (save the string).
This has been a lifesaver for our little guy over the past few weeks! Quite often while nursing, I would wear the necklace for him to play with, and, while those mean teeth were cutting through, he'd often have the urge to bite me. Of course, he would act on it! Having this necklace on presented a great opportunity for, "Bite the necklace, not mommy." I'd give him a few minutes to gnaw and get his frustration out, and then he would be ready to nurse again.
Two thumbs up for these fantastic products that are super well made and have withstood the testing of a vivacious 9.5 month old!

If you'd like to see more of Erica's great products, and even purchase for yourself or a new mommy in your life, feel free to visit her Facebook page. Let her know Cloth Diaper Addiction sent you!

Disclaimer: I received one Nipple Saver and one Nursing Necklace free for review from ::Abstract:: {Indie Mama}. All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience.