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June 21, 2011

The Right to Brag

As parents (especially new parents) we are constantly 'bragging' about our children. How many of your Facebook status' revolve around your children? 99.9% right? I know mine is that way. They are they joys of our life, why wouldn't we want to celebrate and brag about them! Luckily for us parents, The First Years has made this very easy to do with a neat application on their Facebook Page called The Brag Badge!

I was in contact with a staff person for the first years and they asked me to check out the Brag Badge and write up a little review on it. Before contacting them back I had to check out what this whole thing was about.

The Brag Badge allows us parents the opportunity to create a badge just for our children for all of the special milestones. Here is a little about the Brag Badge from a rep:
Ever had a particularly trying (or rewarding) experience with your kids and thought, “I should get an award for that!”? Now you can make your own Brag Badge to share those FIRST experiences that are every parents’ rite of passage or customize one if you have a unique first. It’s a fun way to celebrate milestones or to let you know your child is not the only one that had a tantrum in the grocery store!

Celebrate firsts like “First No-sleep All Nighter,” “First Giggle” or “First Diaper Blow Out.” Better yet create your own first!

To make your own free badge, check out this link.

I had a lot of fun creating different badges for my boys. I used some of the ones they created as well as created my own! They are also always looking for suggestions for new ideas for badges as well.

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