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June 16, 2011

Pump-A-Pair Review & Discount

I'm not an avid pumper, but when I do pump, I tend to get annoyed. You see, I'm a multi-tasker at heart. When I nurse Caedmon, I'm constantly reading to my other children, playing games on my phone, checking email, ...doing something! But if I need to pump, I have to sit there and hold the horns or bottles and just wait.

I was so excited when I stumbled across Pump-a-Pair! I've seen specially designed, super expensive pumping bras, but this was so simple and affordable.
These straps (a set includes two straps) hook to any nursing bra or tank. No need to have a special bra just for pumping. Bonus, for just a few more dollars, you can get a double set of straps - one for home and another for on the go. No more forgetting to bring the straps with you!

The straps are so simple to use as well. Just slip the loop over the hook on your tank or bra. Then, slip the hook into the loop. Slip your pump into place and adjust the straps to get a secure fit. Pump away!

You can find a fantastic video tutorial on their website as well.

I was very skeptical on if they would really hold the horns in place, but they worked like a dream! I was able to check my email on my laptop and play games on my phone. The first few times I used it, I made minimal movements, afraid I'd 'lose suction', but after a few tries, I got a bit more daring - I folded laundry while pumping! These amazing little hooks made it a breeze to get stuff done while pumping, making it not such a hindrance to pump.

Not only does it make multi-tasking easier, it helps you to relax. If you are a pumper, you know how critical that is. However, it does nothing to stop small children barging in the room asking questions ;)

Pump-a-Pair has won a number of awards, and it's no surprise - This truly is a nifty idea. This would be a fantastic gift for any new mom as well!

You can stay up to date on Pump-a-Pair by signing up for their newsletter, fanning their Facebook page and following on Twitter. You can purchase a Pump-a-Pair set through Amazon, and if you have to have a set, Lyndsay, the woman behind Pump-a-Pair, has offered a 10% discount (good through June 30, 2011) on Amazon. Just enter the code CDAOFFER at checkout!

disclaimer: I received one set of Pump-a-Pair for review. All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience.