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February 17, 2011

Under Cover Month - Getting Close

Under Cover Month is getting close! I am getting really excited about this event because there is so much great information to share with everyone. With 7 participating blogs you are bound to learn something (and maybe win some goodies along the way!).

Under Cover Month will run March 6-26. 3 full weeks geared completely to the 'under dogs' of cloth diapering. The Fitted, The Prefold/Flat/Contour and The Cover. Each week the 7 participating blogs will focus on one main area. Week one being focused on Fitted Diapers. Week two will be filled with information on prefolds, contours and flats. And last but not least week three will be all about covers.

During Under Cover Month you will find reviews and some giveaways for the following brands and more!
-Bootyful Baby
-For the Monster
-Cute N Fluffy
-Dimple Buns
-Tiny Tush
-Ruby Moon Laundry
-AMP Diapers
-Miss Lily's Washing Powder
-White Elephants
-Tiny Tush
-Baby Bug Creations
-CC Baby Crafts
-Cheeky Diapers
-Star Baby Designs
-Eli Monster
-Hoot Hoot Baby
-Fluffy Monkey Butts
-Wolly Pop
-Milk Made Momma
-The Natural Mama
-Birds eye flats
And MANY more!

What can you learn this week?
-How to fold a prefold/flat diaper
-How to use a Snappi
-What a contour is
-Why to use these Under Cover items
-What works for heavy wetters
-Do you really need to cover on that pretty fitted?
-Benifits to using prefolds/fitteds vs pockets
-how to's and what not to do's
-Our personal experience with these items and what we recommend
-Laundering and folding
-Wool how to's
-What works for covers
-Trepidation with trying prefolds and covers and how easy it really is.
-How to make a fitted from a prefold
-Overnight ideas
-Our favorite covers
-Pros and Cons
-Number crunching
-Other uses for prefolds (that involve cloth diapering!)
-What is the point of a fitted?
-Do they have OS?

Be sure to visit all of the participating blogs to learn more about Fitteds, prefolds and covers and enter some fun giveaways. We hope to convince you that prefolds and covers are not scary in the least and that fitteds can be a cheaper option than some of the other diapers available.

Here is a list of all the other wonderful Participating Blogs. Be sure to visit each one and follow them/sign up for their email subscriptions if they offer one so you don't miss out on any great, useful information!

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