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February 24, 2011

Fleece Cover Review (Featuring Paper From Heaven)

Around Thanksgiving of last year, Kristina tickled my ears with talk of fleece covers. I had never used them and was quite baffled at how they could really work. We ordered a couple (and, along with my review of a pair of fleece longies from FluffyRumps) and before I knew it, I had a new found addiction. I was obsessed with fleece, not to mention how affordable fleece covers are!

About a month ago, I won a contest on Paper From Heaven's Facebook page. She put a call out to help design new covers and I won the boy version. As my prize, I got to pick that cover in any size I would like. I chose a large for my youngest since we use fleece on him every night (so we load up a fitted with doublers making his bottom rather large!)

We found out at Caedmon's 6 month appointment that he's a smidge over 19lbs - but very (very) long. So, he's a tad disproportioned - big ol thighs, high rise and itty bitty waist. (I was taking these pictures after a night of sleep. Since he has a fitted on under the fleece cover, that fitted is SOAKED. To spare myself the trouble of changing a blanket everyday on his changing area, I slip a prefold underneath to 'catch' the fitted).

You can see a bit of gap around his waist and thighs, but we never have leak issues.**
As you can see, it is a snug fit on the bottom. Again, you can see there's some 'gapage' around the waist, seriously though, no leaks!**
And then, the cute part! I mean. Really.
This particular fleece cover (along with any others that we use at night) have an extra layer sewn into the wet zone which helps keep your child dry at night. He is fine unless I pick him up and squeeze him - that's asking for wet clothing for mama!

**Below is the only reason we ever have leaks. If there is any part of the fitted (or prefold) peeking out from the cover. Last night was one of those nights. Caedmon moved around a ton in his sleep and this morning our entire bed (he's still in our bed) was soaked. So, it's a sheet-laundry day for mama.
I highly encourage you, if you want to see some cute goodies, head on over to Paper From Heaven's etsy shop. She even has matching t-shirts and bibs (and not just sock monkeys!) She has dinos, owls, rocket ships, hearts....

I think it's safe to say, I big puffy heart fleece.

So, have you used fleece covers before? Are you as addicted as I am?


Yesenia said...

I was wondering how often do you have to wash a fleece cover?

Unknown said...

I usually let him wear it twice before washing, but I've read everything from people washing every use to people going many uses between washes.

I just throw it in with our regular clothes, as I've found that any velcro from diapers makes it pill :(

Timmi said...

What are your favorite fleece covers and where do you get them I don't have alot of wiggle room to go wild with getting new covers but would like to try fleece for my daughter any help would be great!

Darcy said...

I'm curious if microdleece pants would work the same? or similar?

~Darcy @ Tales From the Nursery~

Emily said...

I love my fleece covers above my pul covers. I've never had a day leak and for night time I only have compression leaks occasionally (he's a heavy wetter). I generally only use my pul covers for close fitting clothing when he gets all dressed up.

Unknown said...

@Timmi - all the fleece covers I've tried have been made the exact same way/same quality, just different prints :) I received these from Paper from Heaven & have ordered from Country Drawers as well as an etsy shop (BeFelt). Love them all!

@Darcy - I don't think Microfleece would work the same, but I'm not 100% certain on that.

Anonymous said...

Darcy - Microfleece doesn't work the same. It is a wicking fabric and not suitable for a cover. It's great as an inside layer on a pocket diaper though. It wicks moisture away from the bum and into the absorbant layers behind it.

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