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December 15, 2010

Bububibi diaper review

I had the chance to do a review on the Bububibi diaper. I have a 21 month old son that I tested it out on. The prints available are really fun and cute for boys and girls. The inside of the diaper is lined with bamboo.
You can see in this picture below that the insert snaps into the opening of the pocket. You can then leave it on the out side, or stuff it into the pocket. The top of the insert is also lined with the bamboo so no microfiber touching baby's bottom. The insert also comes with snaps so you can adjust it to the right size.
The diaper is a trim diaper and has a really nice fit on him. It is made of bamboo with a snap in liner that is made of 3 layers of microfiber and 1 layer of bamboo so its super absorbent. It has a snap closure for keeping it on. Which I personally like because its harder for my son to take it off. The diaper has the snap adjustable rise to make it bigger or smaller and goes from infnat to toddler in size. The diaper insert can be adjusted to size to fit into the diaper also. The insert slides through the diaper and then snaps in on one side. So you can add another liner if you needed to on top of it.

My (Dana) Experience with this diaper:

I really like the diaper but I had to use extra liners with the one it came with. After about 2 hours he would leak through. So once I added an extra microfiber insert he was good to go. I really like the diaper and its so easy to use. Like mentioned the only dislike was the insert. The diaper comes in some very cute prints and boy prints which you do not find often! Chek out the website for more information.

My (Kristina) experience with this diaper:
I received two of these diapers to use on my two boys. I wash as directed (Cold water only and hang dry). I put them on the boys and they leaked shortly after them wearing them. I tried again changing the rise and waist settings and they still leaked. That is why I asked Dana to use one and review it as well. She seemed to have better luck with this diaper than I did. Adding an extra insert is the only way I could keep my boys from leaking and they still needed to be changed with in 2 hours. I did end up washing this diaper with my other diapers in the hot wash and it might have gone into the dryer as well and it seems to work better. Maybe the PUL wasn't sealed or something and needed the heat. Here is my 2 year old in this diaper. It has a nice fit on him.
Here is the side shot. This is a nice trim diaper, super soft and cute. This was with just the one insert in so obiously when you put a second insert in it gets bulkier.

Would you like to buy a Bububibi?
These diapers from Bububibi retail for $9.00 each and $1.25 for shipping. Pretty good price for a good quality cloth diaper. VERY cute prints also!

**Two Bububibi diapers were sent at no cost to use and review. The above opinions are our own and of our own experiences. We were not paid in anyway to write this review. **


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I don't think many people know about bububibi diapers yet because finding a review is nearly impossible! I am on the hunt for info about them because I have found a great deal for them on Ebay. (6 for $36 shipping included) I'm glad to see they are getting some good feedback! Again, Thanks!

Anonymous said...

just goto bububibi.com there suxh a larger selection to choose from & they r made in USA too

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Ordered from ibabydepot.com a month ago...no diaper, but I paid for it. No one is contacting me about fixing the issue. My email has been returned.

Ashley Emma said...

I just ordered from bububibi.com via amazon.com. I received my diaper covers way earlier than predicted and they sent me 3 free covers plus a pair of rainbow legwarmers!!! I love the covers, they are my first. I'm just starting out cloth diapering and have decided to go with flats and prefolds with a cover for now. Didn't realize it when I ordered them, but they have gussets! Bonus!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I bought extra large wet bag and the zipper was broken right away when i start to open the bag. I want to return it and start sending email to return department since this company dont have phone number to contact if you have question. Its very weird for me.
why no phone number? Also they not reply my email.

Anonymous said...

Bad customer service for bububibi, ibabydepot... no phone number, no reply my emails. I paid for broken wet bag zipper. And now i stuck with unuse product.