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November 12, 2010

The Top Ten Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting Cloth

This is just my personal list of things I wish I had known before starting our cloth diaper journey. Everyone's list will vary...

1. Despite what you think now, cloth diapering is really, really easy! - They really are just like disposables - just a lot more fun!

2. Cloth wipes are the way to go! - I still can't believe we waited as long as we did to make this switch (about a year of cloth diapering with disposable wipes!) It made so much sense and we wondered why we spent all that time trying to get poo-covered wipes into the diaper champ without it clogging...over and over...

3. The love that I would end up having for cloth - I'm not sure if it's the dollar signs, the environmental impact or the ingredients inside a disposable (probably all the above), but my stomach turns at the thought of having to use one on my sweet boys' bottoms.

4. How much money we really would save - I saw the numbers on all sorts of websites telling me how much we would potentially save, but actually seeing that money in our account has been amazing.

5. How the wash routine would naturally fit into our lives - I anticipated loads of laundry to consume my life, but it's just one load every couple of days and it does anything but interrupt our lives! I also expected to spend hours slaving away over diapers, but when you think about it, the washer does all the dirty work, then hang to dry, or toss in the dryer, then stuff - so easy!

6. How accepting our family would be - We have great family, and instead of laughter and criticism, we got offers to help purchase what we needed.

7. How fun it would be when friends would announce their switch to cloth - I love when a friend calls me up and asks for advice as they make the switch to cloth! I feel that I, too, get more educated as they ask more and more questions.

8. How my hubby would join right in! - Well, that's misleading! It was his idea to make the switch, so it's a very good thing he joined in!

9. We never thought we would be using coconut oil on our boys' bottoms! - Coconut oil has been our go-to diaper cream - it's very effective and cloth diaper safe, not to mention, yummy smelling!

10. That our children would come to know cloth as a way of life - It is SO great to see our children playing with their stuffed animals and using itty bitty cloth diapers and scraps of cloth as wipes. Hopefully, one day, our boys will come to us with the news that they will be cloth diapering their own children!

What do you wish you had known?


Jennifer Deck said...

aww i love this. what a great post. i wonder if every cloth diapering mommy feels the same way. i couldn't have said it any better than you did. i only wish that i started cloth diapering from birth. i started when my son turned 6 months old after FINALLY convincing my husband. we are 3 months into cloth diapering and now my husband even advocates cloth which is extremely NUTS and i never thought that he would do that... him being military and all. LOL.

Sarah said...

I agree about Jennifer's comment. Loved this post and I too want to start from day 1 with my #2. Started at 1 month old and 10 lbs with my first baby who is now 9.5 months old and I already have a NB stash for baby #2 who isn't even in the process of TTC yet!! I have inspired 2 friends to start cloth - pay it forward!

Janine said...

Everyone says that about cloth wipes. I had started with cloth wipes before we started cloth diapers. I hate how hard I had to rub his bum with a wimpy disposable wipe!

Really, coconut oil? Interesting! That sounds... delicious. ;)

Terra Jones said...

@Jennifer - I wish we had started at birth with our first 2. The only thing I'm thankful for from all the sposies - all the diaper boxes to hold baby clothes ;-) & yay for supportive hubbies! I love hearing that!

@Sarah - that's great you've been converting friends!!

@Janine - That's so neat you started with cloth wipes! I love hearing how people get into cloth :) & yes, coconut oil :) We have a separate jar from the cooking one in the kitchen & use it as needed - it works great (& yes, smells divine!) :)

wk said...

I agree with all of your points! I just wish I knew another cloth-loving mama in my day-to-day. It's a lonely addiction :(

We used coconut oil, too...The only problem is that I love coconut, and I'm a little afraid that I'm going to associate that smell with butts forever!

K said...

My daughter is 7 months and has only worn a disposable a handful of times. A few in the hospital the day she was born, one when she was 10 days old for her newborn photo shoot since her cloth were pretty big and bulky on her then (we were using os BG3.0) and one time when I ran into the health clinic at about 2 months old. I didn't bring in the diaper bag since I was just going to weigh her and go. When I took off her diaper to weigh her it was dirty, and there was a stack of disposables there so I had to use one.

The two times she used sposies she blew out the back and soiled her clothes. That has only happened one time in 7 months with her cloth!!

Jen said...

This is great post. I love your Top 10 list. When I started using cloth I researched it for months before actually taking the plunge. I wish I would have used cloth from the start of having kids. I only have one left in diapers and she has been in cloth the whole time. Thanks for sharing. I never knew that it would become such an addiction. :)

Leigh said...

I can't see this post unless I highlight it. Can this be fixed? I'll like to link to it and share with friends, but I don't want to have to tell them that they have to highlight it to read it. :)
Great article though!

Terra Jones said...

Oh my goodness! Thank you for letting me know! SO weird! I will fix this ASAP! (On my to-do list for the weekend) Thank you Leigh!

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