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November 8, 2010

My Top Ten Picks

While looking over all my cloth diapers and cloth diaper accessories I started thinking about what I like the best of all the different types I have. I thought I would share my TOP TEN favorites. Please keep in mind that What I have in my stash is different from your stash and that our children are built differently so different diapers work better for me then they do for you!

Here we go:

1. Favorite detergent: Allen's Naturally. This is one of the top five detergents recommended for cloth diapers. I have been using this from the beginning and have tried other kinds of detergents (which have worked out alright) but I seem to have the best of luck with Allen's. My diapers usually come out nice and clean after using this, my boys seem to have the best of luck with not getting rashes or red bums from this detergent.

2. Favorite Wet bag: Planet Wise - I love my large wet dry bag. I hang it from the changing table in the nursery that my boys share. All non poopy diapers go into it and I can never smell the yuck. I love that this also had a 'dry' zippered section that you can put clean diapers in if you plan on being gone for a longer period of time. (Or if you send your boys to the grandparents for an overnight trip!).

3. Favorite pocket diaper: Bumgenius 4.0 - I love this diaper. My boys are super soakers and this diaper seems to be the best one to hold it all in. I like how the insert snaps over to fit the correct rise size of the diaper. That way you don't have to worry about finding an insert that fits or worrying about the folded over part bunching up. I seem to have the best of luck with this diaper. The back of the pocket is nice and wide and easy to stuff. The only thing I don't like is on the velcro diaper the laundry tabs are against the babies back and seem like they would bother my baby's back.

4. Favorite AI2 diaper: SoftBums Echo - I have a couple AI2's. I liked the GroVia until I got the SoftBums. The snap in insert is soft and will stay soft after many washes because its lined with fleece. Plus the insert is long so you can fold it to where the most pee will be, middle for girl and front for boy.

5. Favorite AIO diaper: BumGenius Elemental - I love that this diaper has separated layers so that it will dry faster. Plus this is the trimmest diaper I have yet to find. Fits great under pants as well. I don't like that this stains pretty easy with the poopies.

6. Favorite Cover: Bummis - These are perfect size you have to put out a little more money for covers but its worth it. The material is nice and thick, won't stretch out while on baby, and the velcro holds up well.

7. Favorite Prefold: Bummis - These prefolds are so soft and stay soft. They wash up nicely and come in three sizes, preemie, infant and toddler. They fold up nicely and are easy to put on.

8. Favorite One size diaper: BumGenius - My boys both are built differently, one tall and skinny, one average height and chunky. They are both on the same rise currently and rarely a leak from this diaper. Its easy to adjust the rise if needed. I found this to be helpful because with snaps it is versitile. I would use the same diaper on both boys and could easily change the rise of the diaper and get it on the baby. I have some other diapers that you have to open it up and pull out the elastic and use a toggle or buttons to adjust and even though they are great diapers, they DO NOT work well if you have two in diapers that are different sizes.

9. Favorite Perfect size diaper: Drybees AIO - I really like the sizing and fit of these diapers. And even though they are an AIO they have a pocket so you can add extra inserts if needed and can be turned inside out to help try faster. This diaper also seems to not stain very easy from poo!

10. Favorite Night time diaper: Drybees fleece. Even though this will drop you 20 bucks just for the shell its worth it. I stuff it with a 13 dollar superdoo soaker from knickernappies and never have a leak with my toddler. I also have it for my 6 month old and Im working on finding the perfect insert solution for it. I think I might have it with two loopydoos from knickernappies folded just right.
I would love to hear what some of your top picks are! Share below in the comments section.


Anonymous said...

I don't have kids yet but we are trying. :) I like Nifty Nappy fitted with their wool covers(they also have pocket AIO), and envibum (AIO and diaper/cover). These are all OS and envibum gives $2 for each diaper sold to a special cause. Bonus!
Tressa S

Kristina said...

I've seen the envibum and LOVE how they donate money do different organizations based on what diaper your buy. Not to mention how adorable their diapers are!

Sarah said...

We are a FuzziBunz perfect size family, and I wouldn't have it any other way! :) One sizes are too bulky, I like a trimmer fitting diaper that you don't have to adjust the size on. I have had problems at night with my FB's, they have leaked up the back on my boy (which I still can't figure out!) so I have to use a Thirsties duo wrap on top to keep the leaks at bay. I'm in the process of switching over to fitteds (Bamboozle) and wool covers at night as I hear this is "bullet proof" for heavy wetters!

Just to comment on the post...I tried DryBees and I didn't like them, they didn't fit well on my "normal" weight baby at all. He ALWAYS leaked out the legs, and I am not a velcro lover, hence our FB's. I heard great things about the DryBees Fleece for night, but he leaked up the back out of those too! Not a fan of the SuperDos either, they seem too bulky and like they'd be uncomfortable. I do have some Bummis wraps I got as a hand-me-down and they are VERY durable, but again...hate velcro. I have only tried Tide Free (hate) and Rockin' Green...haven't had any problems and I'm stickin' with my RnG!

Malina said...

I agree 100% on the Bummis products. You really can't go wrong with their prefolds and wraps. Such high quality at great prices :)

Very addicted to cloth diapers said...

I love "go green pocket diapers"! I highly recommend them. My toddler loves them too. We are leaving for a trip for Thanksgiving so I switched him to paper ones and he's in total despair "no paper diaper no!" He loves the go greens! Lovely colors and patterns. Plus the keep him so dry! And... they are super cheap!

Anonymous said...

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