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November 13, 2010

Modest Middles Review

When I first started nursing my oldest son 3.5 years ago, I discovered super-comfy nursing tanks. For my duration of nursing him and our second son, I pretty much lived in these tanks. I did buy a nursing bra, but it wasn't comfortable and I hated how my back, sides and belly hung out while I was nursing. Before our third child was born, I mentioned how great it would be to find something that would still cover my sides, but allow me to wear my nursing bra with nicer shirts (being not so "endowed", there's nothing like wearing a super cute shirt, but being smashed flat with a tank and unable to 'fill out' the shirt!)

A few weeks ago, I came across Modest Middles. I literally shouted, "THAT'S IT!" I was so excited to discover what I wanted - a tank that allowed me to be covered while nursing, but being able to wear my 'flattering' nursing bras.

I had a few concerns about the Modest Middle tank - would it ride up normal use? Would the straps stay in place? Would the material be comfortable? Would it at all interfere with nursing?

Upon opening the package, I knew immediately it would be comfortable. The tank is made out of a very soft, silky spandex, so it conforms to you, but it is not confining in any way - it definitely moves with you. It does not ride up while walking - stays in place, perfect! It also did not interfere with nursing at all, it completely stayed out of the way and my little guy never knew anything was different.

My initial worry about the straps was answered in a picture e-mailed from Amy, the designer of Modest Middles:

Enough said! The white strap you see is the Modest Middle and the black is the nursing bra - stays put perfectly! I did try wearing the straps outside of my nursing bra and they did tend to slip off my shoulder. For the most part though, once I placed the Modest Middle straps 'inside' my nursing bra strap, even after nursing, they stayed put 'inside', so slippage was not an issue.

If you are looking for a nursing tank alternative, I would highly recommend Modest Middles!

Modest Middles come in three colors:
Black -

White -

Nude -

Disclaimer: I received a Modest Middles nursing tank to use a review for free. All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience. All images are provided by Modest Middles.


Cathy Anderson said...

This is a great nursing bra, it is comfortable enough to sleep in yet supportive enough for daytime wear. It's also easy to undo the nursing snap down clips. I'm a first time mom so I purchased 4 different barely there nursing bra not knowing which one would work or still fit after my milk came in.

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