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August 11, 2010

Power of the sun

Okay so as most of us know the sun can do some amazing things. Ive had some really bad stains of EBF poo and toddler poo (sorry for TMI) and all I had to do was hang them out in the sun and voila at the end of the day when I took down the diapers the stains magically disappeared. I love to hang my diapers up when I can. Sometimes that's not always an option, like on the rainy days but I try to do it as much as I can. Plus it saves money by not having to use the dryer. So in a tribute to the sun I want to share the following photos.

I want to include that at my place we are not allowed to have clothes lines of any kind. So I usually will run them over to my moms house (she lives only a couple miles away) and hang them up over there. She also enjoys things hanging on the line!

These were some of my first cloth diapers. (Thirsties covers)

I have a few bumGenius Organics
I just have to say that I really do enjoy looking at my diapers hanging on the line.
The majority of these diapers are Thirsties (wrap, duo diaper, and AIO) I also have a Bummis cover and white Fuzzibunz hanging up there too.
I was laying down in the grass on day taking these pictures and my mom thought I was nuts. I just didn't want a picture with their house in the back ground, especially since they were redoing the roof and the big blue tarp was not to appealing! Plus I love getting the sun in the background since that is a major reason as to why I hang up my diapers.
A shot down the line. I am lucky that they have such a long clothes line. I did max it out one day with all my diapers and I think ended up having to squish in a few liners.
I thought this was a nice shot. I love the shadow!

Okay so this shot I give credit to my Sister in Law. She was camping and wanted to sun out her diapers. So she hung them on the back of her camper. Those are the BG Organics which she swears by.

Then there are the days when you have to get creative. It was a little rainy in the morning and I didn't feel like driving over to my parents house. So I threw the few bad stained diapers over my laundry basket and stuck it in my driveway!

And to get even more creative...
I really wanted to hang up my diapers, I didn't have time to run them to my moms, it was later in the day, it had rained all morning, need I continue? So they ended up on my baby yard gate, yes it has more than one purpose, and let them catch some sun. It helps cut the drying time in the dryer down by a lot! Plus we are not allowed to have clothes lines...


Carly said...

Creative...with the Baby gate:)

danamarie said...

I saw you diapers on the baby gate over there on Sunday and I told willy I should do that too! Thanks for the idea!

Kristina said...

It works great!

Knocked Up and Nursing said...

Do you have any advice/ experience with hanging diapers in a very humid climate? We live in texas and i put a few diapers on the line (a new thing for me) and when i came inside i literally felt wet from the humidity.

Nathaniel said...

Love the pictures Kristina! My hubby and father-in-law are installing a clothes for me today!!! :-) I hung some out in the sun the other day - on hangers from our trellis! :-)

Kristina said...

Joy I hope you got a picture of that!