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March 5, 2013

Wild Mountain Mommies Hybrid Fitted

The diaper you see here is from a shop called Wild Mountain Mommies (WMM), owned by creator and WAHM Cristina, a mama to three. She makes wetbags, AI2s, pockets, hybrid fitteds, fitteds, and covers in both sized and one sized options. Her shop has been in business since spring of 2011, and we have actually had the opportunity to review her products on our blog once before. Terra reviewed WMM's All in Two style then, and I have the opportunity today to review her Hybrid Fitted diaper.

Cristina sent me this fun splash paint print hybrid fitted to review! This fitted is her unique Mountaineer Fit style, which is a larger one sized diaper, designed with bigger toddlers in mind. This works great for us because Ava is rather tall for her age, so the taller rise on this diaper means we will be able to use it for a long time. The diaper can still size down via the fold over rise, though it won't go as small as your typical one size. This one should fit from 15-40 plus pounds. Since Ava was a bigger baby to start with we would have been able to use this diaper pretty early on actually! The picture above shows the diaper closed on the tallest rise setting, and this one below shows the smaller option with the rise folded down.

You can see here the double row of snaps on the diaper. The bottom row is what we use if we have the rise opened all the way up.

The top row faces inside and is what we use if we need the fold over rise option.

The outside of this diaper is a soft knit fabric, and the inside layer is a soft cotton velour. I love putting this diaper on Ava because it's so squishy and nice! There is a layer of poly fleece hidden between, which is what makes it a hybrid: you can leave it on baby without a cover for a while because that fleece will help the diaper absorb to it's full potential before the outside feels wet.

On the inside on the diaper, the snap-in soaker is 5 layers: four layers of hemp fleece topped with a layer of cotton velour that matches the rest of the diaper's lining.

The great thing about this soaker is that it is split into two "petals" that are attached to each other at one end. This helps wash more effectively and helps the diaper to dry quicker. I am a huge fan of hemp fleece for absorbency! It's trim, but can hold a crazy amount of liquid.

Here is the diaper on Ava from the front. It looks like the snaps are pulling, but that's really more due to a wiggly toddler than it is to the diaper. We get a really nice fit with this diaper every time.

As you can see from this side view, this diaper is really trim! Often a hybrid fitted is rather bulky, but the use of the hemp fleece in this one really helps make it nice and trim.

The back view of the diaper shows off the other side of the soaker snaps. I like that they are relatively hidden by the fun paint splash pattern. 

Overall, we have had a great experience with this diaper! I had a chance to test it's absorbency last week when we left the house for a while, forgetting that Ava had this hybrid fitted on without a cover! The good news? It lasted a good three hours without a cover, which for my heavy wetter is a win in my book! I really appreciate that there are diaper makers out there who make bigger diapers for the taller toddlers too. I have a feeling that this diaper will come in really handy as Ava gets older! I highly recommend checking out Cristina's shop and facebook page!


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