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March 11, 2013

KinderGlo Light

We have a night time routine in our house. I think its the only way we survive with having to put three little boys to bed every night. We get our (well the boy's) jammies on, have a bed time snack (usually milk and crackers), and then read some books snuggles up on the couch or chair. After we are all done reading we head for the bedroom. This surprisingly goes fairly well considering that all three of our boys share a room. Eli (4) and Zeke(almost 3) are both in loft beds, and Micah (almost 9 months) is in a crib. Zeke will usually fall asleep pretty quick once we lay him down and say his night time prayers but Eli likes to lay in bed and do...well what ever he can to stay awake before he finally crashes because he is so tired. But while he is laying there pondering his day he likes to have a little light with him up in his bed. We have gone though so many batteries using flash lights for this. A night light doesn't really work because his bed is up so high and the outlets are way down low. So while looking around online I came across this super cute product called KinderGlo. KinderGlo is a portable night like that never gets hot, is made of a heavy duty plastic and has a nice soothing look to it. It also changes color and is very calming and relaxing for our boys.
Kinderglo has a nice selection of their lights to choose from. The boys were torn between the hippo and the angel. I liked the hippo a little more so that is what we ended up with to review. The KinderGlo comes with the portable night light, a docking recharge station and a cord.

On the bottom of the light you will find a button and a little red light. If you hold the button down you can change the light to stay on for 30 minutes or until the battery runs out. Or if you push it and let go you can change the color of the light.
The docking station is very easy to connect to. All you do is set the light down onto the base and it starts recharging the battery.
Here is our favorite part! I We love to look at all the pretty colors this light makes. My 4 year old always changes it right to red, his favorite color. However I like to just let it roll though all the colors.
Here is our little Hippo up on his recharge dock on my older sons loft bed. We really love the KinderGlo light. It has made bedtime a lot more fun and the boys like having the little extra light in their room as they are falling asleep. The light can get quite bright though right after its been fully charged and it gets dimmer as the battery is used up. However we haven't had issues with it being to bright for us. The boys will take their Hippo and light it up and go under their loft beds to play and the light does a great job of brightening it up under there. We are so pleased with the KinderGlo light and highly recommend it for your little ones if they like to have a light in their room at night.

If you would like to purchase a KinderGlo light you can get one with free shipping right now with the code "ClothDiaperAddiction" on the KinderGlo web site. They have a lot of fun designs to choose from. KinderGlo has also offered a reader the chance to win a light for their own little one in the winners choice of design! Just fill out the form below to be entered.

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Steph said...

I think this would be great for Ryan! I love the hippo.

bandeslife said...

I want one of these badly...I would choose the elephant because we have a monkey/elephant thing going on.

Geri Fink said...

I love the dinosaur the best!

spottedjagiwar said...

I like the owl and the elephant the best, my son would love this.

Abbey said...

My favorite is the Brontosaurus, of course if we win we totally have to get the owl, because well....It's a Night Owl, get it.

Tracie D said...

I love the owl! But also really like how the moon makes a handle.

Jessica said...

I love the owl :)

Jessica Klein- j2_klein@yahoo.com

Catie said...

I love the Tyrannosaurus Night Light!

Regina Wade said...

The link to the product didn't work for me. It says "your url here"...I suppose I could google search, but I actually was looking at these exact nightlights earlier this month because my kids keep destroying the ones we have. I think these might work great but I'm not ready to actually buy one. I liked the moon one. Nice and simple. :)

Oh, my name is Regina Wade (Lynarri at gmail.com)

judi said...

I like the elephant! Judith Martinez

jocenda narie said...

I Love the hippo.
India Marshall

Carrie Phelps said...

I really like the owl.
Carrie Phelps

Love{&}Bugs said...

I like the elephant, so cute.
Emily V.

aperry said...

I like the owl
Anne Perry

Amanda said...

I love the Angel and the Quarter moon!
tvpg at aol dot com

Barker's Momma said...

I like the Angel Night Light.

Leann L
ziggy28028 at yahoo dot com

Cassie W said...

I love the elephant night light!

Colleen M said...

I like the Quarter Moon Night Light.

colljerr at comcast dot net

Shannon Kelley said...

The elephant is super cool

Grace Perfetto said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Grace Perfetto said...

I saw these the other day! Super Cool, love the owl =)

Boise Wiebers said...

Your link is broken but I do like the cute Hippo in your post.

Olivia L said...

The owl light is my fave - super cute!

Stephanie said...

Hippo or owl

Lois said...

I like the hippo one best. Though it is followed closely by the moon one.

Rawr! said...

Oh this is awesome! My son would love it :D

Josefine said...

Love the elephant, and my daughter loves them too!

Anonymous said...

My oldest loves his hippo and I would love to get one for my little guy!

rkasinger said...

This is very cute. I like that it changes colors.

rkasinger said...

Sorry left out the fact that our family is team elephant, so we pick elephant.

tyra said...

I love the Owl !

brittnay berry said...

The tyrannosaurus night light! DINOSAURSSS :]

Katie W said...

Moon or brontosaurus

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