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March 19, 2013

Imagine Stay-Dry All In One

Have you ever wished you could find an affordable All In One diaper that was nice and easy for Grandma's house or daycare? Well, I have good news: I have found a great, affordable AIO style diaper for you! I got the chance to try out the new Imagine One Size Stay-Dry All In One from Nicki's Diapers in the lovely Emerald color.

Imagine is a brand which is exclusive to Nicki's Diapers. They also have Imagine prefolds, covers, AI2s, and pockets. The Imagine All In One fits from 8 - 35 lbs due to its three rise settings. The picture below shows the diaper snapped to the smallest rise setting, and the next picture is the diaper fully opened to the largest rise setting. I received a stay dry AIO with a snap closure at the waist, but Imagine also has a bamboo option for those who prefer natural fibers, and both styles have Aplix closures available also. The really great thing about the Imagine brand is their affordability. If you need an AIO for Grandma's house or daycare but don't want to break the bank, at $13.95 this is it. Plus, right now the introductory price is even lower, at $10.95!

I love the simplicity of this diaper. The snap-in insert is made of 4 layers of microfiber with a soft fleece topper that matches the fleece that lines the rest of the diaper. One unique feature of this diaper that I really like is that the insert snaps into the front rather than the back. This make unsnapping before throwing it in the wet bag a bit easier when dealing with dirty diapers!

We got a good fit on Ava with this diaper. At 25 pounds she needs the rise opened all the way up, but we still have a ways to go on the waist snaps. The leg elastic is encased in the soft fleece, so we didn't have any issues with red marks with this diaper.

This diaper is nice and trim, with a smooth fit across the back. I just love this green color!

You can see from this side view that this is a very trim diaper!

Overall, we have really enjoyed this diaper. It gives us a great, trim fit but still had a lot of absorbency. We have not had any leaks with this diaper, and I really like that it is so simple to reassemble and use. This is definitely a diaper that goes in the diaper bag over to Grandma's house.

If you need AIOs in your stash but can't afford some of the more expensive brands, this is definitely a great choice! They have five pretty colors, are easy to use, and have a price point that can't be beat.

I'm happy to say that Nicki's Diapers is giving away an Imagine Stay-Dry All in One! Enter in the form below! They are also offering a coupon code for our readers. Use code CDADDICTION to save 5% on your Nicki's Diapers purchase!

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Melanie said...

How can the contest be closed?! This was just poted today :(

Becca said...

I'm not sure what's going on with Rafflecopter! I will check into it and fix whatever is going on,

Becca said...

Melanie, it should be fixed now! Just a Rafflecopter glitch. :-)

Rumsita said...

Really like their bamboo AIO (now that my son is on the medium setting anyway) & I'm excited that this one snaps in the front instead of the back like the bamboo.

Nicole Gordon said...

Super excited to start Cloth diapering with our twins(due any day!)
Nicole Gordon

rkasinger said...

I have never used an AI1. I would love to give it a try. And you are right the price is right.

b palkow said...

I love the Bamboo AIO. I really hope i win!

miss emily said...

I would love to try an AI1. I have a few AI2s that I love.

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