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November 30, 2011

Lil' Helper AI2 Diapers

Lil Helper is a newer companies based out of Canada. I was contacted by them to review their AI2 diaper...I was floored when I received this awesome package of products to review!
First a little 'history' on Lil Helper. The items pictured above were created by two MEN! That's right, MEN who were looking for better cloth diapering options for their children. After putting their heads together (over a period of 2 years) and playing around with their ideas on CAD software (yup on a computer) they finally perfected their products to be exactly what they wanted them to be.

So on to the items I was able to review for Lil Helper. I was sent all three of their different types of diapers. They have the following:
-Original Cloth which is made with a PUL outer and microfleece on the inside lining. (pictured in yellow)
-Bamboo Cloth which is made with a PUL outer and organic bamboo cotton inner lining. (Pictured in purple with dots)
- Charcoal Bamboo Fleece which is made with a waterproof organic Bamboo PUL and has organic bamboo charcoal fleece lining. (pictured in red)

Below you can really see the different materials used for each kind of diaper.
So a basic run down of the AI2 Lil Helper Diapers. These diapers offer the 3 rise snap settings allowing the diaper to fit from 7 pounds up to approximately 35 pounds. There are two rows of snaps across the waist, One that goes all the way across and then the second row are more of hip snaps. This allows you to adjust the diaper tighter or looser around the legs and/or waist to provide a perfect fit. It also features cross over tabs for the tiny babies
The inside of the diapers have a snap at the front and back where you attach the snap on inserts. There is elastic across the back top of the diaper as well.
There are three different options for inserts. They do 'match' a particular diaper shell but can go into any of the shells that you wish. Below in the picture are the inserts starting left to right:
-Organic Bamboo insert
-Cotton insert
-Bamboo Charcoal insert
Here is a quick look at the inserts. Each set of inserts comes with a small and large insert. The back side of the large insert has a snap at the front and back where it snaps into the shell. The front (as pictured) has two snaps on one end. This is where the small insert hooks on to it. The small insert has 4 snaps all on the same side (as pictured). The two on the ends in the middle is where you would snap the insert into the shell if you were going to use just the one small insert. Otherwise you would use the two outer snaps on the one end to hook it to the large insert and then snap the large insert into the shell. (I hope that makes sense!)
I was also sent two of their wet bags to review. The first, which is a yellow zipper bag is shown below. It is a single layer of pul and has a nice strap on it to hang from a stroller, diaper bag, or even a changing table...what ever you need to strap it to. This bag can hold 3-4 diapers.
The second wet bag they make is a pull chord/toggle bag. This can hold around 3 diapers as well. The pull string is easy to use and the toggle is a nice size to grab, not tiny like some others I have seen.
And last but not least are the Lil Helper wipes. These are so soft! One side is a bamboo material and the other side is a soft fleece. Nice and gentle on the babys bottom, especially if they have a rash.
You can view a video of the diapers here that Lil Helper put together. Its a really fun one showing off the sizing on their diapers!

Here is the AI2 diaper on my DS. He looks like he has major bubble butt in this picture but he is just bending funny. It actually is really cute and trim. I love the yellow...its my favorite color!
Here is a front shot. DS is almost 20 months, he is 27 pounds. I have it set on the middle rise setting for him and the snaps around the waist still have plenty of room for growing.
I was really nervous at first about putting the Charcoal bamboo diaper on my son because, well, its all fleece and fleece is a natural repellant for liquids but it turns out that it can actually hold a lot of pee! We didn't have any leaking issues with the fleece and it was super soft against DS's bottom. The bamboo cotton and regular cotton diapers are also really nice and soft. The Bamboo cotton is so super soft and the regular cotton diaper has a birdseye (like prefold material) feeling to it but it also held a lot of pee.

We haven't had any leak issues with these diapers and I am pretty pleased with their performance.

Lil Helper also has a great program called "BabyDoGood" Where they donate one diaper for every 3 diapers purchased from them. You can read more about the program here.

Be on the look out for a giveaway of Lil Helper Products on December 12th as a part of our 12 Days of Clothmas giveaway event! Its going to be great and its going to be huge! Lots of fun giveaways Dec 1-12th!