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November 10, 2011

Jen's Favorites

Jen's Favorite Things

One of my all time favorite things is seeing a line of freshly washed diapers! And as you can see from this picture, my favorite diapers are the Bummis Easy Fits Tot Bots.

It may seem crazy, but I love washing diapers!

We started cloth diapering when our youngest of three was just about 3 months old. Here is a picture of her in one of our first cloth diapers. A bumGenius pocket. It is still one that we use today!

My favorite diaper rash cream is Grandma El's. I may be partial though because I really haven't really tried anything else because it works every time! I got this container about the time we started CDing and it is only about 1/4 of the way gone. I also use this on my son.

DOOPSY! I love the Doopsy diapers. They have a unique sock insert that folds into itself and you can also add an additional hemp insert into that as well. This was my GO-TO diaper for bedtime for the longest time. Around 6 months or so, she couldn't make it through the night with out wetting through though. We decided to switch for the time being and we still use these during the day. They are so bright and cheery. Customer service with Doopsy is amazing as well.

Here is the Bummis Tot Bots! This was my first one that I bought-brand new! They are so incredibly soft and gentle against baby's bum. The prints are absolutely adorable and I wanted one of each! I am normally a snaps girl but the velcro on the Tot Bots is super strong and durable. I will let you know, however, that when Kynlie was teeny tiny, these did have some leakage issues. They just didn't get small enough for us around her skinny mini legs. Once she started growing, we have not had any leakage issues at all. (They do sell NB Tot Bots but we were past that stage-or so we thought!)

This is my favorite newborn diaper that we tried. It is a GroVia AIO. I LOVE LOVE LOVED the leg holes. They were just so cute. This diaper fit Kynlie amazingly and she was able to wear it for a long time. I believe she wore it until she was 13lbs+ and it normally goes up to 12lbs.
I highly recommend this diaper for your newborns!

One of my favorite whimsical diapers for her to wear was this fleece cover. I bought it off of a swap and used it with a fitted diaper. I have been trying to get my hands on some more fleece but it just hasn't worked out for me yet...but I hope to soon!

Kynlie was all THUMBS UP about getting some fluff in the mail!

This is a sneak peek of the review I am working on. It is a MotherEase diaper. My son (who is 2) is working on potty training and we used this for his "big boy undies". He loved them when normally he didn't want "cwaffa diapers!"

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE DIAPER (right now anyway)
This is the bumGenius Elementals diaper in Bubble. I love this diaper. I use it for bedtime, daytime, longer trips to the store, anytime! This one is my favorite color of the BG line as well, however some of the new prints are pretty dang adorable. I have had great results with using it for bedtime and longer "wear" times with no leakage. The only small issue I have with it, is that I have a bit of trouble getting the stains out, even if I wash it right after I change her. But I still love them!

Small stash shot of the Tot Bots. (Some are in the wash)

Here is where we keep our fluffy goodness.

All of these are my personal opinions based on my own experiences. You may have different opinions based on your experiences! I would love to hear what your favorite diapers are and why! Comment here or email me at Jen(@)clothdiaperaddiction.com