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June 21, 2011

Thirsties Duo Diaper

I have had the chance to review for Thirsties again, this time I got to review their Duo Diaper. I have used the Duo Diaper before and really loved it when my son was still a tiny baby. The fit was great on him and it was pretty trim as well. So I received the size 2 Duo Diaper to try out 1 year old. (Don't mind my tractor changing pad cover)

The size 2 duo diaper fits 18-40 pounds, the size 1 fits 6-18 pounds. Each one has three different snap rise options to help get the right fit on your little one.
There are two options you can get for this diaper for closure: Snap or Aplix. I received the aplix closure for my review diaper. This features laundry tabs as well.
The inside is lined with a soft fleece material. It also has pocket openings at both ends of the diaper.
The insert is made of two different pieces that snap together. There is a microfiber and a hemp. Once they are snapped together you slide them into either end of the pocket with the microfiber side facing up. (Microfiber absorbs quicker than hemp so its good to have that on the top and the hemp on the bottom.)

I wasn't able to get pictures of my son in this diaper yet! Sorry!

Overall this is a pretty good diaper. One thing I noticed between the two different sizes that this comes in is that there seems to be a little bit of a gap between the two. The size 1 seems to fit up until a certain point to where it becomes to small so when you switch to the size two, the size two was almost still two big so with either size I had issues. Once my son grew a little more he fit much better into the size 2 diaper and it worked well on him. I love the fact that I don't have to un-stuff this diaper! That is what is so neat about having two pocket openings (one at each end), the diaper will to the work for you!