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June 8, 2011

Drying Time

There are not many options for me as far as drying my diapers at our place. I can always bring my diapers over to my parents house which is only a couple of miles away and take advantage of their huge line but sometimes loading up the boys and diapers doesn't work that well. So I have to get creative with how I hang up my diapers at my house. I did at one point ( during winter) have a piece of ribbon up in the hallway tacked to a door frame on each side of the hall. That worked out great for drying my covers and shells. Everything else went into the dryer (prefolds, inserts etc). However I was getting tired of having to duck under the line to leave my home. So what was next...

The yard baby gate offers a good amount of space to hang up the diapers on. I just drape them over the top and then I can also clothespin some of the inserts to the lower part of the gate if the top won't fit them all. I also took a cheap metal curtain rod that I found in our closet and put it through the holes on the gate for an additional drying area. This worked great for my covers and shells. Later in the day after I had taken this pictuer it started to get dark out and we had a few sprinkles so I ran outside and pushed all the items across the top of the gate into a basket and then the too the curtain rod off and put it in the hall way between two door frames to let them finish drying. Everything else went into the dryer to finish up drying.

I also finally bought a Drying Rack which has been wonderfully handy to have. I wasn't sure how well I would like it because honestly, I love to look at my diapers all lined up nicely on a clothes line rather than climbing up a ladder type of thing. So here are my diaper covers and shells on the rack in front of the sun and fan to dry. I was going out for the day and didn't want to leave them outside at our apartment (as we are 'not allowed' to have clothes lines) and well, we live really close to other people. If I know I am going to be home for the day I stick the rack out on our cement slab patio and let them do their time in the sun. I have seen a few different times questions about what to do when you take your diapers down off the line and they are stiffer than stiff. What I like to do is take a wet wash cloth and throw it into the dryer with all my stiff items ( usually prefolds, and inserts and AIO's) then I turn the dryer on for about 10-15 minutes. What this does is put some moisture back into the stiff items to loosen them up and then they dry out and are nice and fluffy!

What do you like to do to keep your diapers from getting stiff or to bring them back to the fluffy goodness they should be?


Two Little Monkeys said...

you have some creative ideas for hanging up diapers!
we have a line out back that i use on nice days and a drying rack in the laundry room that i use in the winter and on rainy days. i still hang them up on that with clothes pins so i can see them though

Mommy060810 said...

I usually just throw the stiff inserts, prefolds and wash cloths in the dryer by themselves and they soften back up. never thought to put a wet wash cloth in there too

Eco Baby Mama Drama said...

Ha! I have totally used my gate too! And it is the exact same one and I have the extender!

Jena said...

Prior to baby, I used to line-dry everything but towels & sheets. Our kitties, though, viewed our accordion-style drying rack as a jungle gym; it's pretty sad looking now, and mostly unreliant. I picked up another rack, the kind that folds out, at a garage sale, so when it's raining or cold or just too humid, I've got that.

Pre-racks, though, I used all the doorknobs, door tops, chair backs (covered with towels when necessary), towel racks, shower rods, even the tabletop, balcony rail, edge of laundry baskets...