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June 30, 2011

Ain't too proud to...bribe!

Our middle son, Benjamin (will be 3 in August), loves the potty. He has great bladder control. He, however, does not grasp the concept of actually USING the potty.

We are using the same technique we used to potty train our oldest son just before his 3rd birthday. A tried a true method in our home: bribery ;)

M&M's for peepee and a Hot Wheels car for poopoo.

However it isn't having the same affect on Benjamin. He tells me everyday he doesn't want to USE the potty, he just wants to sit on it. I figure if he sits there long enough, something will happen, right?

For now, we wait.

We aren't pushing him. We aren't worried that he'll still be wearing his Happy Heinys to his college graduation. He will, in his own time, figure out the potty deal.

How do you approach Potty Training/Learning in your house?

(Please, only friendly comments - let's encourage and build up!)


dannyscotland said...

I feel your pain! My daughter is potty trained now, but often when we're out somewhere away from home, she will refuse to go. It's frustrating, because she has gone hours without peeing. It worries me!

What I did was just start by putting the potty in her room. Then, when we felt she had all the muscle control, I stopped putting diapers on her. She had a few accidents, but I praised her big time and the first time she peed she got a Chuck Truck (her favorites) and the first time she pooped she also got one. We had a minor setback when my friend's family visited us for 10 days; I didn't even attempt the potty during that time. Afterwards she was very reluctant, so I eventually just put all the diapers away and told her they were gone and she had to wear underpants and use the potty. I think she had one or 2 accidents, but she HATED being wet so that didn't take long. Good luck, and I think you're right not to push him. When he's ready, he'll do it.

Terra Jones said...

I had a friend tell me that after a trip out of town, they got home and told their child, "Diapers are gone!" and that was it!!

We have a trip coming up soon...Miiiiight just have to try that ;)

He got SO excited when he went poopoo yesterday, but, today. He could care less. Goofs :)

Thanks for chiming in!

Jen said...

I took away all diapers from my son and he was trained a few days later. He was 19 months. Tried it with my daughter with no luck. My daughter is now 2& 1/2 and still in diapers. Bribing doesn't work for my kids. They'll pee right after they get the reward. It's a hidden talent that my kids have. My 2YO pees in the toilet maybe half of the time.
I think I'll be holding out for the day when she sees all of her friends in big girl underpants and she says that she doesn't want to wear diapers anymore.

Jena said...

I was discussing this with my mom the other day because my niece is potty-training. I only ever knew that I (the oldest) had been super-easy to train, and my sister hadn't been any harder. (Youngest sister, on the other hand, took forever.) I asked Mom what she did, and she said she used to sit us on the potty and we'd sit for a few minutes, and nothing would happen and then she'd say, in a very hushed voice, "Do you hear it?" So we'd start listening for the sound. Every now and again, she'd say, "Do you hear it yet?" And eventually, of course, the sound would come. My mom is so smart.

The Chilsons said...

Now that we are potty training our third, I keep begging people to remind me to just WAIT with our fourth. SERIOUSLY. I HOPE, I remember what I have learned with Lydia when it comes time to train David. The best advice I could possibly offer would just just wait till they are ready. Lydia has been three for a week, and I have honestly tried for close to a year to train her. (On and off of course) and I have to admit that just about two weeks ago it clicked with her and became important to her and now she is doing it. WE are still working on #2, but over all she is getting it!! I truly believe each child is different and has a different time when they are ready. I KNEW Lydia would be easy and early, after all, she is a GIRL, and my two BOYS were earlier and easier than she was! Hang in there mamma! They will get it!

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