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May 5, 2011

Sandbox Lane Feature with Sweet Pea OS Cover Review

A couple months ago, I happened upon a great little online shop, called Sandbox Lane. What I didn't know at the time was that they were brand new to the online world, having just opened up shop this year (2011)! They offer a variety of baby clothing, cloth diapers and accessories, mom items, feeding items, swaddlers, toys and baby yoga mats! You can also check here for specials and here for any new products they may have. I love that Sandbox Lane is committed to only selling products they "stand behind and would suggest to...friends and family." When I hear that about a company, I feel better buying from them. Sandbox Lane has very affordable prices on great eco-friendly products as well.

I was able to review one of their products. The OS Cover from Sweet Pea. This cover has quickly become one of our favorites! One of the first things I noticed when the cover arrived was the extra snaps on the waist for those super skinny babies. I think this is one of the main reasons we have loved this cover so much. While our youngest has some serious thighs, his waist is so itty bitty.
The other reason I love this diaper so much is the gussets. Gussets, if you don't know, help hold in all the mess.
My first reaction was, "Look at all that guss!" It is some serious "gusset-age" :) We've yet to have any thing leak out of this diaper. It is our go-to for time away from home and night time (we have started using a PUL cover with a wool or fleece cover as a backup, or extra layer of protection, as our youngest is a super soaker).

Here's the OS cover on my youngest (8.5 months, probably 21lbs or so):
Nice and trim from the side, even with a thick fitted underneath.
Here's the extra waist snaps getting ready to work :)
And a nice snug fit!

I was curious how this would work on my middle son at 2.5years and about 34lbs.
I am excited to see how long this diaper will fit him since the waist snaps meet in the middle!

One more thing I love about this cover that I haven't seen in another diaper (*please correct me if there is another one out there. I haven't seen it personally):

A hook for hanging to air dry!
I wasn't 100% certain that was what it was for (of course, no idea what else it could be for!) and Linda from Sandbox Lane confirmed, "Yes...a little thing but quite useful!" And it really is! Diapers take up less room on the drying rang (or shelf, hehe) allowing for more items to dry.
We absolutely love this cover. While my husband is 110% on board with cloth diapering, he doesn't often suggest we buy more diapers. But this is one he has suggested we purchase more of. And at $10.95 a pop, you can't beat this deal! A great one size fit, amazing leak protection, adorable colors and a great price!

Disclaimer: I received one OS Sweet Pea Cover from Sandbox Lane for review. All opinions are my own and you may have a different experience.


Jessica said...

Thanks for the review, looks great!

MamaHunfy said...

Thanks!! :)