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October 26, 2010

My Washing Station

As you might be able to tell I like to try out new things. I have tried multiple detergents for washing my diapers and have found some to work better for me than others. Every one has different experiences, especially with washing depending on what machine you have, what type of water you use, the amount of detergent you use, if you rinse every diaper or just the poopy ones, wet bag or if you soak them in a bucket. Everyone always has a different suggestion for doing something

So in the above picture you see some different items. I have:
-Allens Naturally detergent
-Dropps Baby
-BumGenius detergent
-Dawn dish soap
-Baby Bum Drops

I don't have a close up of the Allens Naturally but it is my first choice that I reach for. It contains Water, Alkylarylethoxylate, Triethanolamine, Linear Alkylaryl Sulfonate, Sodium Chloride. I find that my diapers come out smelling the most fresh after using this detergent. A quart will do 32 loads of regular laundry in a regular machine or about 128 loads of regular laundry in a HE machine. You would use less then the recommended amount when washing cloth diapers. A quart runs around $20.00 and you can also get it in gallon size and purchase a pump to attach to the bottle.

The next laundry detergent I discovered when buying my baby clothes laundry detergent was Dropps. I seen it on the shelf at my local grocery store (Meijer) and you can now get it at Target as well. I read the package to see what was and was not in it. I got home and pulled up the website online and emailed the company asking if it was safe for diapers. (The package says that it is!) But I wanted to double check and make sure. They emailed me back and said that people use it on their diapers and it is diaper safe. I also pulled it up on pinstripesandpolkadots.com to see what they recommend for this detergent(they say safe). This detergent comes in 20 packs and runs about $7.00. If you go to their site you can get a $1.00 off coupon. I have found this on sale at my store for 4.99 quite often. They come in little clear capsules and for diapers I toss just one pack into the load. The coating is completely biodegradable so you don't have to search for it when your done with the wash. I like using the dropps but I think my son gets a reaction to it, but I'm not really sure if its the Dropps or not.
Then I have bumGenius cloth diaper detergent. I found this at a local baby boutique so I picked it up. This is developed with partnership with Country Save and bumGenius. The scoop it comes with is developed specifically for cloth diapers measurement. It will do 66 loads in a front loader and run about $12.00 a box. This is not my favorite detergent to use. I find that my diapers will still stink after using it. I dont know if its my water, machine or just the fact that my boys pee reaks but I don't think they smell all that fresh after washing with this.

I also had pictured the blue Dawn which I use for stripping my diapers. Then there is the baby bum drops by Knickernappies. You dissolve one bit in a cup of HOT HOT water. I put it in a spray bottle so that I will last longer. Then I just spray my wipe and I'm good to go. Plus I really like the smell of them. They run about $12 a box. I have been using mine for about3 months and have only used 2 bits. These will last really long!

I have tried the Rockin' Green detergent and thought it worked pretty good. I would want to use it frequently to see how it really works. I know there are a lot of other great detergents available to use for cloth diapers that are safe. I would love to hear what you use and love or have tried and didn't work for you. Share with us in the comment section below.


New_Mama said...

I started out with Allens, I found it worked great in my top loader but when i switched to a front loader I found I was having to do many extra rinses at the end. Switched to Rockin Green and have been using that for over a year with no problems at all. Used Crunchy Clean just to try it and compare and my diapers came out smelling like they hadnt been washed. Had to rewash the diapers. So stickin with the rockin green!

Jessica Anderson said...

I just got droops for my cd's and boy did it make a difference. I bought the 80 load package on Walmart.com for $24. I can't get it at any stores around me.

danamarie said...

I was sent right from cotton babies mountian green. They say that is one of the top of the line soaps. I really like it and that's what I have been using. Its free and clear so there is no fresh smelling (I mean soap smell) when they come out that is the olnly thing I don't like about it. I have also used rockin green and I love that too. My son is alergic to a lot of stuff so its hard to find a good soap and these 2 are great!

Anonymous said...

I tried using charlies soap, and was unimpressed. Wondering if anyone has tried soap nuts?

Anonymous said...

Charlies Soap can have a bad reaction with baby. It is also known to have problems in hard water (admitted by the owner of Charlies soap) Soap Nuts are only okay. I found that they smell a little wierd and I don't really feel like they got my diapers really clean. I used to use Rockin Green, but like so many other people who use RnG experienced bad ammonia stink. Now I use Eco Sprout and I love it love it love it! My diapers get really really clean and no ammonia smell. Right now you can only get it via FaceBook but they say a website is coming soon.