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October 3, 2010

My Simple Baby store feature with Maria

Today I would like to share a little about Maria from My Simple Baby! I asked her a few questions and this is what she shared...

What is your cloth diapering experience?
Tried cloth diapering my first born but I had to go back to work to soon and it was difficult to continue, but with my second I got everything I needed since I was pregnant and my son is now 9 months and I love being able to use cloth diapers on him.

What is the name of your store? My Simple Baby

Where is your store located? Is run out of my home and we are located in Stouffville, Ontario Canada

How long has your store been open? Is has been open for a little over 3 months

What was the reason behind you wanting to start up a cloth diapering store? Well for me it all started with the birth of my first child. I wanted to used safer products like glass intead of plastic, using natural and organic skin care products, basically going back to basics and it was dificult to find these products and knowing that other moms were also interested in using safer and better products for our kids and the enviroment.

What kind of products do you offer besides diapers? Natural and organic skin care, stainless steel dishes, bamboo utensils, natural art supplies, organic crib mattresses, wooden toys and more.

Do you offer any programs/classes for parents? (ex. Cloth diaper classes, baby wearing ect.) We are in the process of getting a cloth diaper workshop running in a community center and midwafery offices http://www.mysimplebaby.ca/

What is your stores address, website url, blog url, facebook page url? My Simple Baby (store) can be found here, on facebook and twitter@mysimplebaby

What is the first cloth diaper you ever purchased and do you still use it? Also what is your favorite diaper to use on your baby if you still have one in cloth? The first diaper I purchased was a bumGenius I believe is 2.0 and my favorite so far is flip covers with organic prefolds J love the fit.

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Possibly the best paper I have read ever =D