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June 5, 2013

Orange Diaper Company Terry Squares

I was so excited to be able to try Orange Diaper Company's Terry Squares for the Flats Challenge. Orange Diaper Company, or ODC, is known for their adorable fitted diapers and their super squishy bamboo terry fitteds and flats. I was sent an infant and a toddler size Bamboo Terry Square to review, along with a set of ODC Super Doublers.

I just loved the way ODC products are packaged with the "handmade" tag and the ODC ribbon. It was such a fun package to get in the mail. The purple edges you see are the toddler sized Terry Square in Grape, and the one on top is the infant size in Natural.

The Super Doublers are a fantastic addition to any cloth diaper stash. They come in a package of two and are made of three layers of bamboo fleece. At 3.75 inches wide by 21 inches long, these are a great size to fit in any diaper you have! I used these as doublers for many different flat folds and they fit great in all of them. I discovered that I could use both of these with the toddler sized Square as an overnight option for my heavy wetter! I just laid them in my fold and then folded the extra length back over itself in the front since Ava is a tummy sleeper and needs that front absorbency.

This is the Infant sized Terry Square in a Neat Fold on Ava. I like to use a size one Snappi for many flat folds and it worked great on this one. The Infant Sized Square is 23.5" x 23.5" and according to the ODC website should fit from birth up to 25+ pounds. Ava is 26 pounds right now and I still had a lot of room to have this fit her, so you can definitely use this size for a long time. The size and absorbency you get do depend on what flat fold you use, but so far every fold has fit great. The bamboo terry cloth is very stretchy, so that helps to get a nice smooth fit and helps to make a smaller flat fit longer!

You can see in this picture just how nice and trim the flat is. I am in love with the squishy bamboo terry that these squares are made of! Some terry cloth flats have a smooth side and a looped side, but the fabric that ODC uses has the plush loops on both sides! I found that the fabric was really easy to either Snappi or pin depending on my mood and how still Ava would hold for me.

The Toddler Sized Terry Square is 28" x 28", and fits from 20-40 lbs. This larger size could be folded to fit smaller babies than 20 pounds but it will be bulkier, so ODC offers options so that you can get a trim fit on any size baby. I personally loved the larger size. I could tell that the extra 4.5 inches on each side gave quite a bit more absorbency and I can see how this size will fit Ava longer than the Infant size. This picture above is the Toddler size in an Origami Fold with a single pin for closure. 

If you want a Terry Square for a newborn but don't want to fold an Infant or Toddler size down to a newborn size, ODC offers a Newborn Size Terry Square! The newborn size is 16" x 16" and will fit from birth to 15+ pounds. If you need help deciding what size to get check out this post from ODC that talks about how the different sizes came about and how each of them fits.

Overall, we love these flats and doublers! I was so excited that the doublers plus the Toddler sized flat can work as a nighttime option for us, and I love using these for naps as well. Both the flats and the doublers handwashed really well during the Flats Challenge, too. One thing that I discovered during the Flats Challenge was that these Terry Squares remain soft even with handwashing and air drying. Many of my standard cotton flats would get super stiff and kind of rough, but the ODC terry flats stayed soft with every wash! The absorbency of these flats is just amazing to me: they hold a ton of liquid. If you are using flats for the cost savings, you might see the price of these and balk somewhat, but I really think that they are worth the extra money. I would recommend that any flats using family get at least a couple of these to supplement their stash with a highly absorbent option. If you are just a cloth diaper addict then you need to try ODC if you haven't already. The squishiness is irresistible to a cloth diaper addicted mama! Check ODC out on Facebook and on her website, where the Terry Squares are open for a pre-order right now.