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June 4, 2013

Urbun Sprout - SproutWrap

Continuing with my Flats Challenge series, I have a great daddy friendly diaper to introduce to you all today! Made by Urbun Sprout, the SproutWrap is a fitted flat diaper. A fitted flat has all the ease of use that a fitted diaper does, but it has the ease of washing that a flat diaper does! I was sent this adorable apple print to review and use for the Flats Challenge.

The SproutWrap might look complicated on first glance, but it is really easy once you see how it goes together. It has a snap closure for the waist with cross over snaps on one tab to allow for a smaller baby to fit it.

For bigger babies, a pair of these SproutLeaf snap covers are included to cushion any snaps that might rest against your baby's hips.

The SproutWrap is two layers of soft flannel that are sewn to be easy to fold. You can see the shape in this next picture. The back of the diaper has waist and leg elastic to give the fitted diaper shape. On each side are flaps that fold in to become absorbency. There are four rows of snaps to allow four rise settings on the diaper.

The SproutWrap also has a snap in snake-style soaker made of flannel and organic cotton terry cloth. To start folding the SproutWrap you snap in the soaker, if you are using it, and fold it back over itself to fit the rise you need. 

Once the soaker is laying flat, you adjust the rise settings by folding the front over to the height that you need.

For Ava (26 lbs, 31 inches) I can fold over one or two of the snap rows to get a good fit. The row I use is determined by the cover I am putting over it. I get a slightly better fit with just folding over one row, but for my trimmer covers I can get a really trim fit by folding over two snap rows.

Once your rise is set, fold each of the sides in to the middle and your diaper is all set! This diaper centers most of the absorbency right in the middle and has a nice smooth fit.

 This is the diaper on the smallest possible setting. If I were to use this on a newborn I might leave out the snap in soaker, but with the rise folded all the way down you would hardly need it. You can see how tiny this diaper gets!

This is the largest rise setting which would certainly fit large toddlers really well. Like I mentioned above, Ava is 26 pounds and 31 inches tall and I still fold down one or two rows. I love that this will continue to fit her for a long time!

We got a really good fit with this diaper. I set the SproutLeaf snap covers to peek out for this picture, but generally I line them up to be wholly inside the diaper or peeking out the leg slightly if needed.

This side shot is with the soaker in, and you can see that it is a nice trim fit even with the soaker double over!

Here is another front shot with the snap covers pointed downwards. It looks a little lopsided due to a very wiggly toddler!

Overall, I really like this diaper. It is Ava's favorite currently due to the cute apple print! Every time she sees it she gets so excited. There really is no learning curve with this diaper at all. Once you see how it is laid out, it's pretty intuitive to fold it together. This is a fantastic option for daddies to use or to take along in your diaper bag if you are using flats. I used this diaper for the flats challenge without the soaker and it washed up really nicely every time. This diaper had great absorbency both with and without the soaker, too. When I use the soaker it is absorbent enough for me to use on Ava at naptime! I love the print options that are available at Urbun Sprout too. There are some really unique options to choose from. Check her out on Facebook and on Etsy and tell her that Cloth Diaper Addiction sent you!