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June 19, 2013

Interview with my Hubby

Although Father's Day has past, I thought it would be fun to interview my husband to find out what he really thinks about cloth diapering.  Because I stay at home with our son, I kind of had the final say in how we diapered him, since I'd be doing most of the diapering.  He was supportive of cloth diapering, but didn't have a huge interest in it in the beginning.  I feel like he's really come around and is now very supportive of our cloth diapering!  So, I thought it'd be fun to hear things from his point of view.... hoping you will, too!

What did you think about cloth diapering when I first brought it up?
I thought it would be really gross.... putting the poopy diapers in the washing machine.  And having to spray off poopy diapers--I was a little intimidated by that.

Did you really want us to use cloth diapers in the beginning or would you have preferred just using disposables?
I respected your desire to use cloth diapers, and knew it would be better for the environment and would be cheaper....so I agreed.

How did your opinions change once we started using them?
The ones for the infants (prefolds with the snappi things) are still really confusing and difficult for me, but once we started using the pocket diapers, it was really easy!  And once I saw how the washing machine looked after doing a few loads, I realized it didn't really matter.  Spraying off the diapers isn't so bad either, although I've had my share of difficulties with it.
Now, I'm kind of proud that we use them.  I know that it saves us so much money, and I've seen the volume of diapers we've had to throw away when we do use disposables.

What is the hardest thing about using cloth diapers?
Spraying the poop off!!  Before having the Spray Pal, I would always spray poop onto the wall or the floor.... my best story is when I was trying to drop poop into the toilet, when the snapped-in insert fell out, and everything landed in the woven magazine bin.  That was rough.

What's your favorite thing?
They're so much cuter than normal diapers!

Is there anything that really surprised you about using cloth diapers?
I think I was surprised by how easy they are (the pocket diapers).  Instead of using the velcro on disposables, you just snap them on-quick and easy!

Would you ever want to just use disposables?
No.  Maybe in the infants, with prefolds and things :), but otherwise, no.

Anything else you want to add?
The only other thing I'm surprised about is the volume of pee those things can handle!!

So, looks like he really does appreciate that we use cloth diapers :)  I'm glad he's been so supportive through the last two years of diapering!!  And that I didn't have to convince someone who was really against it.  How about you guys?  How do your partners feel about cloth diapering?