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May 30, 2013

Charlie Banana

I have been cloth diapering for two years now and I have never tried a Charlie Banana diaper until now. I am honestly not sure why as I have seen them around on swap groups and in various cloth diapering stores. They have incredibly cute prints and I have always liked what I had seen. 

I was sent this OS diaper in their "Kate" print. They also have a "William" print and they are both part of their Fashion Collection.

Isn't this adorable? It is a one size pocket diaper. If you noticed there are no snaps on the rise to make it a one size, you were right. They have a unique feature which allows the rise to be adjusted through the inside leg elastic. I wasn't sure how I'd like that but it was really easy to do!

I love this print!

When you get a brand new Charlie Banana diaper, you'll get two microfiber inserts. One is a newborn size which is smaller and a toddler size which is larger. You can use one or both depending on your babies wetting needs.

Here is the inside of the diaper. It has the pocket opening at the front (or belly) part of the diaper. 

The opening is wide enough for Dad to help stuff the insert in as well! It also has a nice size flap that covers the opening to prevent the microfiber from touching baby's skin.

The adjustable strap reminded me of a bra strap adjuster. It was really easy to use and there were several different size adjustments to fit what your baby would need. There were 3 levels for each size S, M and L and one for XS. 

When I tightened it to the XS, it didn't feel like the elastic was being over pulled. It still felt like it was not over stretched and would last a long time.

To adjust these was quick and very simple. It was easy to find the elastic, adjust it and then put it back. All of it lay flat in the diaper and did not create any sort of bulk.

There is a full row of snaps along the waist/belly area and then another row of snaps that encircle the leg. I find that this is great for preventing wing droop. You can get the perfect fit but snapping where you need. (Think tiny waist and chubby thighs) 

We were able to get a good snug fit with the Charlie Banana diaper. 

It is small enough to fit in the wetzone without being too bulky.

There is a crossover snap for when you use the smaller rise settings. This would work great for a newborn or smaller baby. (I'll let you know in November how it works on tiny ones!)

The elastic around the leg fit just right at the setting we had it at. It was not to tight but snug enough to keep it from leaking. 

The diaper was super trim!

Overall, we loved this diaper! I cannot believe we waited so long to try one out! I was a little nervous at first about the elastic adjustment for the rise but you don't have to change it that often and I have had diapers in the past that have the rise snaps pop open often! You'll never have that problem with this one! 

Charlie Banana also offers diapers in specific sizes and several prints and colors. They also have a line of wetbags, mama cloth, swim diapers, nursing pads and laundry detergent as well.

 If you are a little leery of buying online or are new to cloth and want to see them in person, head to your local Target store! Target now carries an entire line of Charlie Banana diapers! We love Charlie Banana for breaking into mainstream stores to show the world about cloth! 

Is there a diaper that you have been curious about but haven't tried it yet? Let me know in the comments!