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May 23, 2013

Motherlove's Green Salve

It isn't often that I can find a product that I wonder how I lived without it for so long. Green Salve by Motherlove is one of those rare gems that I have found. This is my new favorite product and it has so many uses.

It comes in a 1oz jar (it seems small but a little goes a long way). I originally got this thinking it would be great for my daughter who seems to get chapped cheeks quite easily. We ended up using it for a lot more! 

Here we used it on Kynlie's cheeks. Since Kynlie hates anything being put on her face or touching her face, I knew that this would be tricky when we first started using it. Because it contains marshallow root (nothing to do with the food marshmallows) we told her it was her marshmallow cream. This seemed to make it easier for us to put it on her. haha. Now she sometimes asks for it by "mallow cream". 

Here is what it looks like. It contains all certified organic ingredients. Once you rub it onto skin, it leaves a silky smooth feeling and is not greasy. 

Here is why I will never buy anything for bug bites again...We are currently living with my in laws until we can close on our new house this Friday. They live in a very wooded area that with recent rain left a major breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you are from Michigan, there are jokes that these pests are the state bird. We quite frequently joke that the kids will be carried into the woods by them. When we get home, we make a plan to get into the house to avoid getting attacked as best we can. We also spend the drive to school killing them in the van since they seem to seep in with us when we open the door. Needless to say, these things are horrible.

My kids react horrible to these bites. Green Salve has truly been a miracle salve for us. The above picture is the back of Kynlie's leg with the green salve on it. 

Here is Lincoln. He reacts the worst to the bug bites and some of the ones on his legs have swollen to the size of a golf ball. He got three on his forehead and we put Green Salve on it right away. This is two days after the bites. He still scratched at them a little but for the most part he didn't bother them. Green Salve helps to take the sting out of the bites. When we put it on him he sighs and says "That feels so much better!" Such a funny guy but he loves it!

I have also used it on myself as well and I find that it works much better on bug bites than an over the counter itch cream or stick. I just applied it twice a day and once before bedtime. 

Green Salve is also great for bee stings, poison ivy and rashes or chapped skin. You can find Green Salve as well as the entire line of Motherlove Products HERE. Make sure to check out the Motherlove More Milk Plus if you need a boost in your milk supply! I have heard amazing things about it!

Also don't forget to check out Motherlove on Facebook!


Unknown said...

We LOVE Motherlove Green Salve! I use it for diaper rashes because it works so well!

When our second child was teeny tiny (0-4 months old) he had some food sensitivity issues that we had a difficult time figuring out. Because of those food sensitivities, he had runny diapers that were so acidic they made his bottom bleed. It was awful. We tried all sorts of diaper rash creams and protectants and the MotherLove Green Salve was what worked the best for helping his poor raw bottom until we worked out ALL the foods that bothered him.

So I'm very thankful for MotherLove Green Salve. :)

Lindsay said...

Mother love nipple cream is awesome for when you first start out nursing & I love their more milk plus special blend. I will have to try out their green salve.

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