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May 14, 2013

Gordy's Girl Wool Soakers

With the Flats Handwashing Challenge coming up next week I wanted to highlight an awesome affordable diaper cover option. If you've been been around the cloth diaper community at all, you've probably heard about how awesome wool covers are. If you have followed through and looked up wool covers you have also probably discovered that they can be very pricey. Well, when I found Gordy's Girl on Etsy, I was really excited to have discovered a wool cover at a reasonable price. Priced between $8 and $14 per cover, these are a fantastic way to try wool affordably. All the products at Gordy's Girl are made by Shannon, a WAHM, and many are up-cycled wool. I love buying up-cycled wool because not only do cloth diapers keep disposables out of the landfills, but up-cycling old sweaters keeps them out of the landfills too!

Shannon sent a heavy wetter soaker in size large for Ava and me to review. The red portion is an up-cycled heavily felted wool and the gray on the waist and legs is a soft merino wool. This soaker doesn't need an extra layer in the wet zone due to the heavy felting on the main portion of it.

We used this on Ava over prefolds, fitteds, flats, and over our bulkiest nighttime solutions and got a really good fit with all of them. My favorite time to use this cover is at night actually! It does really well over nighttime diapers and I have never had a leak with this cover. I have found that since it is a pull over style the waist does stretch out a bit after a week or so of being pulled over a huge nighttime diaper. This has not affected the function for us at all though, and it does regain its snugness when I wash it. You can see in these pictures the nice fit I got on Ava!

Overall this soaker has worked great for us! I highly recommend these if you are looking to try wool for the first time or just want an affordable way to get some awesome up-cycled unique wool. Check out Gordy's Girl on Etsy to see all the adorable cover options she has.