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May 24, 2013

Petit Guili KokoBaby Diaper

It seems like you tend to see the same diapers over and over. I recently came across Petit Guili who sells Koko baby diapers! The Kokobaby diaper (or nappy) is made from bamboo-which means it is incredibly soft! I was sent this green nappy to try out.

Here is the back. How cute is the little bird on the bum?

The Kokobaby comes in three parts: the shell (or cover), the snap in liner which is the waterproof layer, and the insert. I was sent the cloth insert but they also sell a disposable inserts which would be great for Grandma's house or a vacation!

This is the shell (or cover). It is super soft and made out of bamboo. Typically I am not a huge fan of velcro/hook and loop but this was really strong and we had no issues with it coming undone. It is also a one size and fits from birth to potty training. Kokobaby also comes in three other colors: Cool blue, Energy red and Mandarine. 

Here is a close up of the waterproof liner. It easily snaps into the cover and wipes clean for simple messes. Even though it is the waterproof layer, it is also made of bamboo and a cotton waterproof PUL. There are deep gussets to prevent any of those blow out messes and everything stays contained. The great thing is you can just simply unsnap the liner and toss into your wetbag without getting dirty!

The cloth insert also has gussets sewn in. It is made of four layers of bamboo terry and an additional layer of waterproof bamboo. This is the ultimate leak protection combo! Not only is it super absorbent but it is incredibly soft. 

This is where the liner snaps into the cover. There are two snaps in the back and two in the front. 

Because of the four snaps, it is held in place securely and doesn't move around. 

All snapped in.

Here it is all put together. Even with all the layers this diaper was very trim.

Here is the velcro (or hook/loop) It was really strong and held  securely.
The only issue we had was getting it to fold over for washing. Once we got that figured out, it worked great!

Here is a picture of the snaps for rise setting. There are three rows of snaps which makes for four different settings. The snaps held great and provided a great fit.

I just love the little bird on the bum!

Here you can see how trim it is on the booty with all the layers. It also had a good fit around the legs and there was no leaking because of the double gusset protection.

The velcro is made so that it can overlap as needed. There wasn't a lot of bunching in the wet zone either which helped to keep the bulk down.

Overall we got a great fit on this diaper. It was trim and super soft. I love that you can switch out just the insert or use disposable ones if you prefer. It is also so convenient that you can simply wipe the liner or switch it out if dirty. By doing this, you can use the cover for up to four changes! Not only does that save you time and laundry but money as well. You can get your own Kokobaby diaper at Petit Guili.

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